Eden Fantasys adult only review

Eden Fantasys

***Please note that this is an Adult site that I'm reviewing.  So this review is adult only. Not suitable for children***





Does anyone else ever just need time for themselves?  Whether its taking a nice long bath, reading a book or even just a few minutes of peace and quite!
Or more importantly time with your significant other?  Don't get me wrong I love my kids, but I would love to spend 5 minutes with my hubby without having to wipe someones nose or answer the question 'Why' for the fifteenth billion time that day.

I know I want/need this :)!  So I'm sure the rest of you do to!
So the question is when we finally get that adult time without the kiddos what do we do!!

I have the answer the other day I was browsing the internet like I always do in my free time. (AKA Nap time)  Thinking hmm what can I get my hubby as a 'one of kind' b-day gift this year.....
Well I think I found it!
I was so excited to stumble across The Edens Fantasys website http://www.edenfantasys.com

But shhhhhh we can't tell him its were I plan on getting his gift!  This is going to be a surprise ;)
Not only do they offer an amazing selection of adult products they also offer bath products, beautiful lingerie, and BOOKS!  Anyone who knows my blog knows I LOVE reading!  So I was def. excited about this part of the site.

This is an adult store though so make sure the kids aren't around when you go browsing!  I think you will love their large selection of items.    

Disclaimer:  In exchange for writing a review I will be given store credit to cover part of my purchase.