Saturday, March 16, 2013

Care Bears Totally Sweet Adventures

Care Bears Totally Sweet Adventures

Before I start my review I have a confession as a child I LOVED Care Bears!  If you asked me about my childhood I would be able to go on and on about Care Bears and My Little Ponies....  To be honest I still have a My Little Pony collect of about 50 1980 ponies and I still have at least 5 Care Bear dolls and a few of the Care Bear friends dolls.  So yes I LOVE them to the point I kept them for the past 20 years :)

 I grew up watching the Care Bears so for me to now be able to share them with my children is heart warming!  Care Bears teach our children great values about friendship, sharing, caring and so much more.
 They teach our kids lessons about problem solving and they do it in a fun loving way.  I'm proud to be able to have my little guys watch the Care Bears.
I reviewed Care Bears Totally Sweet Adventures it has 4 episodes:

“Emerald Bridge” 
       “Jealous Tea”
    “Sad About You”
  “Lazy Susan”
  Share and Care Sing-Along

Ride the rainbow to Care-a-Lot and join Share Cheer and all their buddies in four exciting new adventures!  And meet Wonderheart Bear - the littlest Care Bear who is anxious to get in on the fun.  Whether it's teaching a new friend how to find her courage against the sneaky Beastly, helping a girl find the joy in making new friends, or learning how laziness leads to unbearable consequences, the Bears are always there for each other!   And when Share gets jealous of Grumpy's delicious cookies at her potluck get ready for a bear bake-off bonanza in these delightfully sweet tales for a new generation!
This title was released on March 5, 2013 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

It was approx. 88 minutes

I did watch this with my boys and it was like being a little girl again, I loved seeing all my favorite old Bears in a new modern look.   Grumpy Bear is still my favorite with his cute little rain cloud on his tummy.
As for the show its self it is still the same, the Care Bears are still teaching kids valuable life lessons.  My boys love them and they can't believe that I use to watch Care Bears when I was a kid.
I love the fact that I can tell my kids to share 10000 times and it seems they don't hear me, but if they Care Bears say suddenly its a great idea!
Care Bears can be enjoyed by the whole family and its a show you can feel good about letting your kids watch.

Disclaimer:  I was given this products for the purpose of review I was not paid in anyway to write my review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I used to love Care Bears! My 5 year old really likes them now too :)

  2. I was a Care Bare fan as well. My kids have not watched them yet. May be something to introduce them to, though.

  3. I was in love with Care Bears too. I'm so glad they have them for our little ones!

  4. I loved the care bears when I was little.. Thank you for the great review..

  5. I loved care bears as a kid and my daughter (now 12) had all the movies which were rerelased on DVD. Great review!!

  6. I have all boys, but loved Care Bears as a child!

  7. I think my boys would revolt against Care Bears. But I know a lot of girls in their classes that would love this!

  8. Care Bears bring so many childhood memories. I use to watch it all of the time and I had some of the stuffed animals