Monday, February 29, 2016

Do your wedding in style with Aisle Style

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Do your wedding in style with Aisle Style

Including my own wedding I have been in 4.  My own of course, when I was really little I was a flower girl, one of my best friends and last year my little sister's wedding.  Each time I was all dolled up in beautiful dresses.  Sadly that style cost me quite a bit!  For my sister's wedding alone I spent over $500!!  

My brother is getting married soon and again I am so excited and honored to be part of their special day, but his soon to be wife is shopping on a budget.
Which is perfect for me ;)
After going through page after page on the internet we found a site we ADORE; Aisle Style.
Their Bridesmaids Dresses  are absolutely stunning and up to date with the current style.  They come in so many designs and colors that they are sure to fit any wedding theme.
Plus they have long dresses, short dress, dresses with lace, dresses with sash.  What ever you little heart desires they are sure to have it.
And the best part is they are affordable!  I wont have to break the bank to be in my brothers wedding.
So I know everyone has their own style, I wanted to give you a small peek at some of the dresses they offer.  And please note this really and truly is just a small peek!  They have so much more

Okay so of course we all have our favorite and this one last one here just happens to be mine!  I like the sophisticated look, plus I could so see myself wearing this to church or one of my lady group gatherings.
Ordering seems really easy.  You pick the dress you want by style.  From there you can pick the color, this particular dress has 44 different choices of color!!  I can't be the only one saying wow right now lol.  I know for my sisters wedding we passed on so many dresses since they didn't come in the color she wanted.  But with 44 colors I can't see how they wouldn't have what you are looking for.
After you pick your color you choose size.  If you live in the US you go by that sizing chart, they also have UK and EU.  I liked this features, I always have a hard time figuring out what my UK size is.  The fact they tell me right there on the same page is really helpful.
Then you pick your shipping and TADA you are done!!!
Wow I am not done, this dress is listed at E68.99!!!  Do your realize that out of the hundreds of dressed I looked up this is one of the prettiest and most affordable!
I don't know about you, but for now on when I am in wedding I so know where I am telling the bride to shop :)

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