My Tara Lain Reviews

Golden Dancer
Loved this book! Daniel, Trelain, and Mac have a story line that you just can't stop reading. You find yourself falling in love with these characters, and praying that they get their happy ending! Tara Lain found a way to draw you into their lives and make you want to stay, I highly recommended this book to anyone who is looking for a good M/M/M ménage, but be careful because the book is HOT!!
The Scientist and the Super Model
Loved this book!
It is a great love story that starts off small and blooms into something beautiful, from the moment Jake and Roan meet you can't stop reading! Not only do you get to watch their love unfold but you also get to see Jake grow into the person he truly is!
Its also written in a way that the characters and situations are believable. Tara has a way of writing that pulls you into the story and makes you fall in love, and makes you unable to put the book down!
Fire Balls
I fell in love with Rod is volley balls, with his huge heart and his loyalty to his friends he was hard not to love. In fire balls we get to see just how amazing he is, he is gay and proud of it, he lets the whole world know that this is who he is with his flamboyant ways and dyed hair he is a queen. Rodney has to help Hunter who struggles with just who he is, or at least who he is pretending to be. But how far is Rodney willing to go? How much of himself can he give with out breaking his own heart? And is he willing to let his own friend have Hunter??
Read Fire balls to find out ;)
Volley Balls
Tara Lain is an amazing author who continues to amaze me with her writing! Volley Balls is a short story about 3 men who discover themselves through each other. Each realizes thing about them self.
David is a sweetheart with a rough past who thinks that he has to do everything on his own and can't stand the thought of someone else helping him, Gareth has struggled with who he is for a long time and is just tired of pretending, and Edge well I'll let him be a surprise but he has the furthest to come in finding himself.
I couldn't put this book down and finished it in one sitting, it is fast paced and heart racing scenes that make you want to keep reading.