Friday, November 9, 2018

On This Christmas: A Five-Year Journal of Your Favorite Traditions, Memories, and Gifts

I was given this book for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review

Capture five years of your favorite Christmas memories in this beautiful, keepsake guided journal. Building on the highly popular "one line a day" journal concept, On This Christmas: A Five-Year Journal of Your Favorite Traditions, Memories, and Gifts is an interactive keepsake that allows you to record your holiday celebrations over the course of five years. Every joyful Christmas season you think, I'll never forget this! But the memories slip quietly away over time. Now you can save them and treasure them all in one place. This Christmas is a five-year guided journal with thought-provoking prompts such as "The gift I'm most excited to share," "We are choosing to slow down the holiday by ______," "A special blessing we enjoyed," and "Our favorite tradition this year." With Scripture and inspirational thoughts, This Christmas will help you preserve precious times with friends and family as you celebrate the Christmas season.

Super cute little hardcover book that helps us record our thoughts and wishes for the holidays. Each day has a writing prompt. I can see writing in it with my boys and then the following year looking back at it! There is 5 years worth of pages The cover is cute and beautiful in its simplicity the pages feel thicker so I so they will last and I don't need to worry about my ink running through to he next page. As I said not only will it be fun to write in this each day, but to also look back at past years in the future!

Anne Shirley Apothecary Gift Set

Disclaimer I was given products in this post for the purpose of review  I was not paid to write this review

I love my mom, but Dear God is that woman hard to shop for!  This year I have so many ideas for my dad I actually have to cut back, but I had none for my mom.  Well until I found the Anne Shirley Apothecary set!  My mom loves old movies and tv shows.  She can sit for hours watch them and is content.  The thing is she owns all of them so I can buy them for her, but I can get her that was designed with those shows and movies in mind.  One of her favorites has always been Anne of Green Gables.  Shop At Sullivan has everything I need when shopping for my mom. Today I am going to focus on their Anne of Green Gables Apothecary set, but they also have other items to show case this wonderful series!

Channel your inner Anne Shirley with the ultimate Anne Shirley Apothecary Gift Set. Within the powder blue and gold-lined gift box lies apothecary treasures specifically curated for fans of Anne of Green Gables. Each product was meticulously designed to welcome you into the world of Avonlea and stimulate your imagination.
This gift set includes:
• 1 Anne Shirley of Avonlea Perfume
• 1 Lady of Shalott Candle
• 1 Anne of Green Gables Lavender Bath Bomb 
The Anne Shirley Apothecary Gift Set is not available any where else.
Sold exclusively on Shop at Sullivan.

Merry Woof-mas

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of review.  Iwas not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

My pets loves the Holidays just as much as the people in my house do.  They get their own gifts, feast and even have their own stockings.  I like to spoil my pets :)  
If you are like me you are always looking for great Christmas gifts and pets are easy to shop for.  A few toys, some treats and a bed is always a hit with my pups

Here are a few gift ideas for our furry friends

One of our favorite brands is Hear Doggy!  An awesome line of toys that they can hear, but I can't!  They have a huge assortment that come in all sizes, so you are sure to find something your pup will love

goDog Plush goDog™ features toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard Technology™, which offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. goDog toys are bright and colorful!  

Okay people don't just my boy is only 2 so he needs lots of play time.  And that is fine with so many great toy choices out there I can keep him busy.
TrustyPup is an all new brand to us, but so far we are loving it!  Chew Guard Technology adds a tough and durable lining to soft plush toys. The lining is combined with reinforced seams to create toys that stand up to rough play. Dogs are tough but Chew Guard Technology is tougher

Okay so we pretty much cover my pups playing needs, now we need to talk about their favorite thing in the entire world... TREATS!


  • Made in the USA, all Totally Grainless® dog treats from Loving Pets are grain free, gluten free, gluten free, wheat free and corn free. Available in three categories: 
    • Meaty Chew Bones
      • Beef & Sweet Potato (Sm, Med, Lg)
      • Chicken & Apple (Sm, Med, Lg)
    • Sausage Bites
      • Beef Stew
      • Chicken & Cranberry 
    • Dental
      • Fresh Breath Mint (Toy/Sm & Med/Lg)
      • Chicken & Peanut Butter (Toy/Sm & Med/Lg)

Mill Creek Entertainment Holiday offerings

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review  I was not paid to write this review.

My family loves getting together and watching movies.  We actually have movie/ game night at least once a month.  Some times we argue over what movie to watch my kids like cartoons, my dad and brother like documentaries/war movies, my mom and sister like loves stories and I like action/fantasy (xmen, 300, ect)  
No matter what though we always get together.  Every year for Christmas I always get my family members a movie or series of some sort.  My favorite place to shop for them is Mill Creek Entertainment.  Their prices are awesome and they have a great mixture of old and new.

This year I was able to review 3 titles:

Charles Bronson Collection 

Internationally acclaimed action star, Charles Bronson, is the definitive on-screen “tough guy.” His legendary status was solidified in the midst of his career with a series of leading roles in gritty, crime dramas. This action-packed collection showcases his diverse career with 4 knockout films! THE VALACHI PAPERS (1972) - The cold-blooded, no holds barred, adaptation of Joseph Valachi's explosive testimony while in prison that exposed unthinkable mob activity in the United States. THE STONE KILLER (1973) - Crime drama about a tough New York cop who discovers that a gangster is planning a massacre; revenge for a shootout which introduced non-Sicilian elements to organized crime. BREAKOUT (1975) - A Texas bush pilot is hired by a woman to help break out her husband who is imprisoned in Mexico on a framed charge that was engineered by his Grandfather. HARD TIMES (1975) - Walter Hill's directorial debut is a raw, bare-knuckled view of street brawlers starring Bronson as a quiet but brutal fighter supported by a chatty and sly promoter played by James Coburn.

That '70s ShowThe Complete Series - Flashback Edition 

Your favorite suburban kids from Wisconsin are making their way back to the basement in this definitive collection featuring all 200 episodes in Widescreen High Definition, remastered from the original film negatives for an awesome Blu-ray experience with surround sound audio! So climb into the Vista Cruiser with Eric, Donna, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, and Fez for a trip back to the '70s. Featuring: Ashton Kutcher (Netflix’s The Ranch), Topher Grace (Interstallar), Mila Kunis (Bad Moms), Wilmer Valderrama (CBS’s NCIS), Laura Prepon (Netflix’s Orange is the New Black), Danny Masterson (Netflix’s The Ranch)
ScarlettThe Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind by Alexandra Ripley

carlett, the mini-series based on Alexandra Ripley’s best-selling sequel to Gone With the Wind, takes up precisely where that story left off, and sees Scarlett O’Hara off on a journey from Atlanta to Charleston and Savannah, to London, and to her ancestral home of Ballyhara in Ireland. The motive force behind the story is once again the turbulent romance between Scarlett and Rhett Butler. Separated from Scarlett and seeking a divorce, Rhett is now pursued passionately by his wife, who seeks a reconciliation. Frustrated in her effort and unwilling to win Rhett by telling him she is pregnant with their child, Scarlett leaves for Ireland, where she is caught up in the political upheaval of the day, and to England, where she must stand trial for a murder she did not commit. In a dramatic climax, Rhett rushes to Scarlett’s side, knowing that she needs him and that her life is at stake. Helping to win her acquittal and finally apprised that they have a son, Rhett reunites with Scarlett, conceding that he never stopped loving her. Scarlett continues what is unarguably the most celebrated story of the American cinema, with all the richness of the original and with an epic sweep that today is seen only in long-form television.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Incredibles 2

Helen is called on to help bring Supers back, and Bob must juggle the daily heroics of home life. But when a new villain arises with a sinister plot, the Parrs meet the challenge together!

I have to admit that my boys and I were 3 of the first people in line to see this movie in theaters!  We waited so long for a part two and were not willing to wait an longer.  

My kids LOVED it!  So the movie starts with our heroes still very much in hiding.  But it is time to come out and with the help of a very rich ally the are able to do so.  But Bob is disappointed when they ask Helen to be their poster child and not him.  Helen needs to face a villain that has a secret plot against super heroes.  That has lots of twists and turns.  And even though I enjoyed watching he be in the lime light the real hero of the day was Bob.  He picked up the role of both mom and dad and it was adorable watching him try to fill that role!  

So much was going on and the more he tried to help the worse it got and not to mention of all the times to come into his powers JackJack did when mom was away!  Even though the main story is bring the heroes back the underlying story of family makin sacrifices and working together was touching and was the plot that held the movie together.

This was a super cute movie and even though I wont say it is going to go down a Disney classic I do want to say it is def. worth watching.