Monday, December 31, 2012

Thyme Maternity Review

Thyme Maternity Review

 On November 8th, Thyme Maternity announced its official launch in the U.S. with Babies“R”Us and With years of experience helping moms-to-be look and feel their best, they have become a trusted company for moms to be!! Thyme offers current and comfortable maternity styles from casual to work, plus a complete line of nursing tops and accessories for the transition period after baby is born. Available styles will include denim, dressy and casual pants, knit tops and blouses, dresses, tees, loungewear and outerwear, nursing tops and bras plus a complete line of nursing fashions and accessories.

Thyme offers super cute clothing!  They grow with you and your developing body!  And they can be worn after pregnancy!  They are so cute that they can be dressed up or worn as casual wear!
Thyme wants to make sure you look and feel your best! 

I was given the chance to review the a white scoop neck top.  
As I'm sure you all know I'm not currently pregnant.  So I had a friend of mine help out with my review :).  She is expecting so she was so excited to have the chance to be able to try out this maternity line!  And yes I left her keep the shirt.  Though I may have kids in the future its not going to be anytime in the near future ;)!
She said the shirt was so comfortable!  She absolutely loved the soft material.  She told me with being pregnant it is uncomfortable enough, without having to deal with itchy ill fitting clothing.  She said this shirt though was so soft and moved with her.  She even stretched it out with her hands to prove it would grow with her and her developing body.  She was also impressed with how cute it was!  She said it could be dressed up with a pair of cute black pants or even be worn casual with a pair of jeans or cute sweat pants.  
She can't wait to go check out the entire Maternity line at Babies "R" Us :)!

Wondering where you can find out more see my links below:
and if you are interested in buying you can check them out at a Babies "R" Us store or at BabiesRUs/Thyme

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.   

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review


Its that time of year again... Cold season.  With all the germs going around I knew I was bound to get sick.  And I think Christmas break did me in.  Every house I went to there was at least 1 sick person.  So its not surprise I ended up with a cold.  I spent the last few hours coughing and clearing my throat and just feel miserably.  The only plus side to this cold is I now have the chance to finally review My Pine Bros. Softish Throat drops!

I was given the opportunity to review both the Cherry and Natural Honey flavor. 
Both flavors were amazing!  I'm picking when it comes to cough drops.  The taste of some make me gag, but not these they taste actually reminds me of candy :)
The cough drop is soft and chewy and like I said has a delicious taste.

I like the fact they are soft I cut my tongue before on those hard ones and trust me it wasn't fun!

Pine Bros. is a brand you can trust
They been around since 1870!  So they know what they are doing.  Their products are made in America which is a huge plus.
They are only 5 calories per drop.
And since they are soft and chewy they are safe to give to Children over 3.
The refillable disks are perfect for putting in your purse or diaper bag.

I'm so impressed with these Softish throat drops!  I will never use another brand again. 

Do you want to learn more about that see my link below:

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Free sample

Get a free sample starter kit from Atkins!!  See the link below :)
(I'm not giving this away its just something I found on the internet wanted to share with you)

Good luck :)

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Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Review


My name is Savannah and I'm addicted.... TO CHOCOLATE!
Nothing else is better then biting into an amazing piece of chocolate.  The rich creamy, luscious, sweet, soul soothing, miracle that is chocolate!
So I'm sure you can imagine my total excitement when I found out I would be able to review for Guylian Belgian Chocolate!!

This next part is copied right from their website.
Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates provide the ultimate experience for chocolate lovers. Each luxurious
chocolate seashell is marbled with 100% pure, silky smooth milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate. Our irresistible seashell chocolates are filled with a rich, decadent, and luxuriously creamy chocolate truffle; the original handmade recipe of Guy & Liliane. Our signature truffle recipe is still made in small-batch copper kettles exclusively by Guylian's Master Chocolatiers in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

So What makes Belgian Chocolate the Best?

  • Only the finest ingredients are used
  • 100% pure cocoa butter with a melt-point that allows the chocolate to melt perfectly in your mouth
  • Belgian chocolate is processed, known as conching, to a maximum fineness resulting in a heavenly creamy chocolate texture
  • Belgian chocolate always has a well-balanced set of flavours, gradually developing and then enduring for a full sensory experience
  • Belgian Chocolatiers strict adherence to true old world artisanal craftsmanship and time-honored Belgian chocolate-making techniques

Just reading that makes me crave their amazing chocolate!  And yes it was soooooo amazing! 

Every piece was so delicious!  It is one of those things that you just can’t stop eating once you start!  And the whole family loved them!  I even had to tell my sisters boyfriend to save some for the rest of us!  Each piece melts in your mouth.  The flavors blend perfectly to give you the ultimate chocolate experience!

Are you wondering why the sea shells and sea horse themes??

Guylian has been the major sustaining sponsor of Project
Seahorse since 1999 donating more than $1.5 million.

Amazing taste and an amazing company!   
No matter if you are eating the truffles or the chocolate bars the taste will blow you away!
Guylian Belgian Chocolate has become one of my favorite treats and I know I will be eating them for years to come <3

Want to learn more or find out how to buy some for yourself?
See my link below:

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was in now way paid to write this review all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!



I hope everyone is having an amazing time with their family!

Monday, December 24, 2012

White Apricot's Green Grab Bag Review

I LOVE these monthly subscriptions!  Its a smart way to try products before you buy.  Recently I was given the chance to try White Apricot's Green Grab bags. 

I'm going to do my review as a Q and A.  I'll ask question I think a consumer would ask and then I'll give my answer :)

What is a Green Grab bag? 
A Fun, Affordable Way to Try the Best Natural Beauty Products Before You Buy! 
How much does a monthly subscription cost?
At least Six Samples Delivered to Your Door for Just $15 a Month and Shipping is Free!
What kind of products can you expect to be in the grab bag?
If you are a fan of White Apricot, then you know they are determined to bring you only the best in skin care products!  They don't like the chemically filled skin care, hair care, cosmetics and nail polishes that dominate the beauty market. It has been their personal mission to uncover all natural, vegan, eco friendly alternatives and to bring them to us the consumer.  Years ago finding these products was so hard but now there are hundreds of products to pick from. The problem is knowing WHICH ONE to choose. That's where Green Grab Bag comes in!  You get to try a few and see if they are the right product for you!
Plus its a surprise!  You never know what goodies are going to be waiting for you in your green bag!
What did you think of the products that were in your Green Grab Bag?
I had the chance to review the December Grab Bag and my personal opinion is that it was amazing!
I absolutely LOVED it!  
So many amazing products to try.  I didn't know where to start
 The first thing I thought when I unwrapped my package was wow something in there smells amazing! 
My bag contained:

Zosimos Botanicals Facial Mask
Nature Balance Wellness Body Lotion
Pangea Organics Facial Toner
Elegant Minerals Eye Shadow
Purple Prairie Botanical Soap 
Emily Skin Soothers Baby and Adult Skin Smoother

All the products were amazing and left my skin feeling great with out the chemicals I could really tell the differance!
I bet you are wondering what made this bag smell so amazing...
It was the Purple Prairie peppermint oatmeal soap!  This smelled so good!!
The Nature Balance Lotion I gave to my sister she has so many issues with having eczema.  And finding products that work for her is so hard.  This lotion really helped her!  
The Zosimos Botanicals Facial Mask left a really deep cleaning feeling with out burning my skin.  Most facial mask burn me!
Pangea Organics Facial Toner was a really nice product.  It left my face feel fresh and it really seemed to help my dry skin.
Elegant Minerals Eye Shadow This is the one product I didn't get to use yet!  As I'm sure you all remember my family was suffering pink eye last week.  I didn't want to put anything near my eye.  The color is so pretty though and I did place some on my hand it goes on smoothly :)  I can't wait to wear this out with the hubby :)!!
 Emily Skin Soothers Baby and Adult Skin Smoother  My kids were so excited they got to use one of mommy's products!  I loved this it made our skin so smooth and I didn't have to worry about putting bad chemicals on my kids.

I am so impressed with White Apricot's Green Grab Bags!  The ladies who put these bags together really know what they are doing.  They are giving us the chance to try the best products out there!

Where can I find them??
You can visit their website to learn more.  Also on the web site you can get Beauty Tips and Tricks and learn how to use certain products.
Link to website:

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own I was not paid in anyway to write this review.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Twin Flames By Debbie Christiana book review

Twin Flames 
By Debbie Christiana

Back cover blurb:
*~*~*~She’d never met him before…or had she?
The last thing forty-year old Natalia Santagario expected was to be sitting on a Manhattan barstool ogling a man she’s never met, but swears she knows.

He didn’t know her at all…or did he?
The mysterious dark-haired woman at the end of the bar stops twenty-eight year old Marc Tremonti in his tracks. His head assures him she’s a stranger, but his heart tells him otherwise.

Together they embark on an adventure that will change their lives forever.
Their attraction instant and enigmatic, they undergo past life regression and discover that, not only have they spent hundreds of lives together as lovers, Natalia holds the secret to Marc’s puzzling birthmark. But what should have been a joyful reunion is complicated by a kind, albeit confused, almost ex-wife, an unfortunate accident in a taxicab, and a bout of temporary amnesia that threatens to ruin everything. On top of all that, they must contend with a mischievous ghost from their past. What else could possibly go wrong?*~*~*~

I love this book!  It took me 2 days to read it, because I couldn't put it down!  I literally couldn't do anything because all I could think about was reading more :)!
If you believe in soul mates and true love you HAVE to read this book.  It goes beyond soul makes and talks about twin flames.  Nat and Marc have fallen in love time and time again.  And in each life they re-find each other.  But this life they have to over come quite a few obstacles.
I love the twist in turns in the books.  The characters are loveable...  My favorite being the ghost ;)!  The plot enjoyable you wont be able to put the book down because you just have to know what happens next.
The book was well written I learned so much and even after reading it I can't stop thinking about it.
Debbie Christiana has been added to my favorite our list.
If you are looking for a great book I highly recommend this one!!  
I will include the link to the author site so you can check her out :) 

Rocky's name is in a book!

A few months ago I won a contest!  The prize was, I get to pick the name of the dog in an upcoming book :)
My Rocky had passed away this year on Jan 12.  So right away I knew it would be his name.
I just found out today that the book is finished and available for purchase!  I can't wait to read it and when I do I'm going to post a review :)  So excited to see his name in writing!  He is only a minor character but still its amazing <3
Here is a link to the book if anyone else wants to check it out 
Book with Rocky's name 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The things that make you... YOU :)

I bet you are wondering whats with the weird title....  Well lately I've been thinking about my kids and how lucky I am to have them!  I started thinking of all the sweet funny things they do that make them special....
Some of these things drive me nuts and others put a smile on my face.  But either way they are the tiny things that make my boys who they are :)
1) They take all the DVD's out of the box and put millions of finger marks on them.  And then put them back, but since they can't read none of them are in the right box!
2) I don't think they actually play with toys I think they just like to dump them out of the bins.  Quinn my little sweet heart likes to clear out the toy bin so he has a place to sit..

3) All water of any kind must be splashed and smeared and made into total Chaos.  Yes this mean tub water, the dog dish, puddles, oh and tooth brushes must be flicked at each other to cause as much damage as possible :)
4) The word WHY is to be used with total abandonment and heaven for bid I don't have the answer to something because the world as we know it may end.

5) And if I am talking to someone and don't answer them the first time they say "mom" that means they must say mom in several different tones of voice.  Jump up and down and pull on my arm until they have my complete attention....  At which time they normally ask me who I am talking too 
6) Speaking of talking to someone..... Every person I say hi to or smile at... I must know their full name and history other wise I'm fraternizing with strangers.  And according to Binky that is a no no!  7) Oh and names.  They don't use them.... Instead they refer to people as that weird guy who laughs funny or the grumpy old man who needs a hair cut!  My poor in-laws.... lol 

8) After bath time they must dance on my bed in just their undies singing/screaming I'm Elmo and I know it...  Bed time is not an option until this happens.
 9) Oh and speaking of sleep when space is limited stacking is permitted! ;)
10) Chucky E Cheese is the greatest place on Earth!  Or so I'm told ;)
11) When left alone with silver markers they will draw on the dogs!  Poor Lucy lol
12) I know they know how to eat.... yet I get this
and this
and this
Oh and FYI that was both my boys!  Don't they look so much alike in photos??  Top 2 food photos were Brandon Jr when he was younger last one is of Quinn.
13) But no matter what they make me laugh.  They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face.  My boys are everything to me and I cherish them each and every day <3 

Speaking of my boys its time for bed!!  Good night everyone :) 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NEW free sample!

Just found a great freebie, all you have to do is
Like the page click the free Samples tab and fill out the form!  I'm not sure how many samples they are giving away so hurry over :)

HERE: Free!!

Holiday bug :(

Sorry I missed posting today, I may be MIA for a few days Brandon Jr has pink eye!!
This is his first time having this and putting in his eye drops is absolutely horrible.
I hope he is better by Christmas and I really hope little Quinn doesn't get it too!! 

He is such a doll though today he told me:
"I'm Binky (His Nickname) the red eye reindeer!!"

I love how his mind works lol!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Experience Somthing New!

For a limited them when you shop Thyme Maternity at Babies R Us you can save 20% off your purchase!  Thyme Maternity offers a beautiful selection of clothing that can be worn during pregnancy and after!
But hurry this is a limited time offer good only until 12/24 no coupon need the discount is already taking off.
So go check  out the sale here 

And I'm excited to tell you I will soon have the chance to review one of the beautiful tops from Thyme Maternity I wont tell you which one I will let that be a surprise!  I can't wait to share that review with you :).



The winner for the Purrrfectly Giftastic prize has been chosen and emailed!  Just waiting for a reply if your name is Becca C. Check your email :)!!!

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas Savannah's blog gave to me....

I got nothing that comes in fives lol its to close to Christmas my brain isn't working right!

But I do want to give a huge shout out to an AMAZING woman and company!  I've mentioned this company a few times before, but its just because I'm so amazed by them!
So for the 5th day of Christmas I'm going to be telling you about Button Flowers!
With 5 fun facts!  See I did work 5 into this post ;)

1) The link of course Button-Flowers 
                   So you can see them for yourself :)
2)  All orders are made as the individual creates them!  Your button flower arrangement will reflect who you are!  They are never the exact same arrangements! They are as original as you are! 
3)  An arrangement can be made for almost any thing!  Christmas, football, Valentine's Day!!  The possibilities are endless.
4)  Unlike a real flower A Button flowers lives forever :)! 
5) A photo of course so you can see for yourself how amazing they are!

 So be sure to check them out today!


Who is ready for an amazing Holiday FLASH giveaway!
Warner Bros. has come up with a new Happy Holidays Blog App featuring some classic and new movies out on Blu-ray sure to please everyone on your Holiday list!  Young or old everyone is sure to love this!
Check out the app:

Warner Bros has gernrousely offered to give one of my readers a copy of Peanuts Deluxe Holiday Collection, Classic Christmas Favorites or Dr. Seuss’s Deluxe Holiday Collection on Blu-ray!! It will be the sponsors choice which one to send you :)!! So its a surprise :)
Want to enter?
See the rafflecopter below must be 18+ to enter and live in the continental USA no PO boxes! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was in no way paid to write this post.   Warner Bros. supplied these materials to me  to share a giveaway with my followers :) 

Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

Special 12 days of Christmas

For the 4th day I don't want to make a post.

 For today instead I would like to make this a mourning post for all the Sandy Hook victims. 

Sending my love to all the families.   My heart is broken for them.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Days of Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

 3 Fun Holiday photos :)
Brandon Jr a few years ago :)
 The 2 little boys are mine!  Look how tiny Quinn was :)

The last photo is Brandon's 2nd Christmas I just wanted to post this one because Rocky is in it!  This will be my first Christmas without him :(  I really miss him

I hope you like my photos of Christmas past :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 days of Christmas!

The 12 days of Christmas..

Simply Me style :)

on the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

2 amazing coupon offers!

Receive 25% off on your purchase at of any 3 or more products.
Use coupon code Simple25 at checkout.
Coupon valid until January 16, 2013.

and free shipping at the Naturally So young Etsy shop :)
Must use code  FREESHIP

Friday, December 14, 2012

12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

I'm horrible with the Christmas count down.  I never know if you count the day your on or if you jump to the next day.  But accord to my google search today is the start of the 12 days until Christmas!

I decided to have some fun with this!

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me...  ;)
An Amazing Snicker-doodle Recipe! 

1/2 Cup Butter Softened
1 Cup Sugar
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1/4 Teaspoon Cream of tartar
1 large egg
1/2 Teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 Cups all purpose flour
4 Tablespoons granulated Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons Cinnamon

In a mixing bowl beat the softened butter for 30 seconds.  
Add the 1 cup sugar, baking soda, and cream of tartar.  Beat until all is combined. 
 Next beat in the egg and Vanilla until well blended.
Now add you flour slowly mixing as you go..
Cover this and place in the fridge for about an hour.
As your mixture cools preheat your oven to 375 degrees. 
In a separate bowl mix the 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon.

Take you dough out of the fridge and roll into balls.  
Roll these balls in your cinnamon-sugar mix.
Pluace 2 inches apart on an un-greased cookie sheet.
Bake for 10-11 minutes until the cookies get a pretty brown on the.

And your all done :)!!

I hope you enjoy this recipe <3
and if you have any good recipes share them in the comment section! 

Freebies and sweeps!

I hope you will check out my new giveaway with super low entries! 

Below are links to some free samples I found on the internet :)!  In some cases supplies are limited so don't be upset if they are all gone.
Hope you score some of these freebies!!

This one has a limit SO hurry     

This one is for Disney rewards members!
Go to this link
On the side bar you will see a Santa Buddy click learn more and you will get free reward points!  You can do this every day up until Christmas :)  Today I got 15 points!!!

Also there are some instant win and sweeps games going on right now! Try your luck!

Purrrfectly Giftastic Hop

So excited to be taking part in the Purrrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog hop!  Being hosted by the lovely

This is my favorite time of the year!  And not because I like getting gifts, but because I love spending time with my family.  My little guys are 5 and 2 this year and they are so excited.  I love seeing them enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Every year my hubby picks the "perfect" tree....  Well you would think its perfect since it takes him a whole hour to pick it out lol.  And every year the kids and I come home and decorate it right away... Even though the hubby complains we have to wait until the next day so the branches settle or something like that ;)!  After the tree is decorated we add our "special" ornaments.  They are special because each year my kids either buy or hand make a new one.  Its so amazing seeing my oldest, Brandon, compare his old ones to his newest one.  This is Quinn's first year making a hand made one.  I'm not 100% sure what it is, but he was so proud of himself when we hung it on the tree. 
After that we made hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and had a Christmas movie marathon!
So even though Christmas isn't here yet the magic it brings is def. alive in the Miller house.

So I bet you are wondering what I plan on giving away??  I gave this book away before on my blog.  Well not the same book I bought a new one, but you know what I mean.  Either way I love this book so much that I will be giving it away again.
"Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor" by Lisa Kleypas
I absolute love this book!  I don't think any book collection is complete with out it!  That is why I give so many chances to win it :)

But it is Christmas so to really make this giveaway fun I'll be adding a few more books.  These ones aren't Christmas type books though.  I just included them because I think they are great books and what to give you the chance to win them :)
So in addition to Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor you can also win:

Karina Cooper

Lyon's Bride 
Cathy Maxwell

And of course there will be author and book swag included :)
So that is 3 books and swag all going to one winner.
I do have some rules though.  To win on my blog you must be 18+  You must live in the continental USA and no PO boxes.  
To enter please use the rafflecopter form below
And I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A HOT review

Ashley Food Company
Mad Dog Review

 So who out there loves hot sauce? 
Well forget everything you think you know about hot sauce, because the truth is you haven't had real hot sauce until you try the Mad dog kind!
I took these 2 facts right from the website...
~The Ashley Food Company has just re-released Mad Dog Inferno – the first sauce ever declared “World’s Hottest Sauce” in a national competition in 1998.
~ If you want to lose weight, eating hot peppers as part of your diet can help, says David Ashley, founder and President of Ashley Food Company. Studies have shown that hot peppers can curb appetite, burn fat, and inhibit fat cell growth. Ashley Food Company’s all-natural products, such as Envy, are high in hot pepper content, delivering a good dose of the diet benefits of peppers.

The Inferno sauce made my hubby cry....  well okay maybe it only made his eyes water ;)
Its good though!  My hubby said even though its so hott you can still taste the amazing flavors.  He ate this on everything wings, pizza, subs.. ect
We had quite a few bottles to try and I wanted more then just his opinion so he took them to work.  They had a blast that day at lunch.
One man (my hubby calls him the sissy 1) claims he couldn't handle it.  
Everyone else loved it!  They did use is sparsely though.  But they were def. a hit where my husband works.
My hubby said out of all the things he put it on the wings were his favorite:

Everyone loves these hot sauces, but they all warned me they are HOT!  So with everything I said I'm sure you noticed I didn't give you my opinion of the hot sauce.  Its because I was to much of a sissy to even try ;)  Yes according to my hubby I am sissy 2. 
I did get the chance to try the BBQ sauces though!
 It has a hot kick to it.  But the flavor was amazing!  Unlike hot sauce BBQ is a bit more limited in what you can put it on or eat it with.  So I made Wings :)  Below you will see Mad Dog Chipotle BBQ wings.  I LOVED them.  Like I said the flavors blew me away.  Everything is unique and unlike any BBQ sauce I've ever tasted before.  Oh and it tasted good on the potatoes you see on my plate too :)
 So I bet your hungry now :)  And wondering where can you get these amazing sauces for yourself!
See my link below and you can find all the information you want on the ashleyfoodcompany

Just beware my hubby said its very addicting and you wont be able to stop eating it!!

Disclaimer:  I received these products for the purpose of review all opinions are my own.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Santa Story Review

Your Santa Story Review


Christmas is almost here!  The time to make cookies and wrap gifts and spend quality time with our family.  My kids are 2 and 5 and every year I try a new tradition with them to see which ones fit our family and which don't.  So far we kept the new ornament for the tree each year, cookie making, Christmas movie marathon the night we decorate the tree, having my kids wrap gifts to donate for toys for tots and now this year I have added a new awesome tradition that I can't wait for my kids to enjoy...
Wondering what it is?
The Your Santa Story DVD.
I am absolutely in LOVE! 
The Your Santa Story is a personalized movie made for your child or Children!  It makes the best morning even better!  My kids didn't get to watch yet its made to be played Christmas morning.  But I know they are going to love it!  They hubby and I took a sneak peak one night when they were sleeping!
When I say personalized I mean it!  My 5 and 2 year old have a joke between them about a cheeseburger....  It is in no way funny but they laugh until they can't breath when they tell it!  My 2 year old can't tell the whole joke like my 5 year old can, but he says eese-burger and they both start to crack up.  Then my 5 year old tells the joke for the next half hour and they have a good ole time laughing....  They point of me telling you all this is because it was part of my video!!  My kids are going to go nuts when they hear Santa talk about the cheeseburger joke.  It also mentions all my dogs and talks about my 5 year old being in preschool and all the sports he plays.  It says little things that make them special things that I know they are going to be so amazed Santa knew about them.

And not only do you get the DVD you get little notes to put around your house from Santa.
I am so excited for Christmas Morning and I can't wait to see their faces light up when they see Santa has left them such a special gift.  No  2 stories are the same.  Santa makes a special movie for each family.  I am so amazed with the Company and I'm truly honored to be promoting them here on my blog.  Your Santa story is putting the magic back into Christmas.

If you are interested in this amazing video please see my link below I promise you wont regret getting this for the kids in your life:

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  In no way was I paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wii U giveaway

So who is ready for a super exciting giveaway!!  My blog is helping to promote this amazing giveaway and I hopeing one of my followers win!  Please see of the info below and make sure to enter!

Choice Your U Event

~ Introducing the Wii U ~

Wii U is the next great gaming console from Nintendo and it redefines how you will play next. With its innovative new Wii U GamePad controller, it will not only introduce entirely new ways to play games, it will also transform how you connect with friends and enjoy entertainment.
Play Games
  • Discover new ways to play together with the innovative Wii U GamePad controller
  • Enjoy brand new games from your favorite gaming franchises
  • Experience up to full 1080p HD for the first-time ever on a Nintendo gaming console
  • Play almost all of your favorite Wii games & accessories on the Wii U console
Connect & Share
  • Interact with friends, family, and people around the world via Miiverse*
  • Download add-on content, full games, classic games, and applications from the Nintendo eShop*
  • Communicate in real time with the video chat feature*
  • Make and share Mii? characters* *Broadband Internet access required for online features. For more info, go to
Transform Entertainment
  • Search your TV, cable, video-on-demand and DVR content from one convenient place
  • Control your TV with the Wii U GamePad as a remote control
  • Browse the Internet on the Wii U GamePad and share your activity on the TV screen
  • Find, watch, and enhance your video entertainment
Wii U GamePad Controller
  • Connects Wirelessly with both the console and the TV
  • Built-in touch screen
  • Motion Control
  • Buttons and control sticks built right in

One lucky reader will receive a Wii U Console with Wii U GamePad Controller!

Giveaway ends December 30th at 11:59pm, open to worldwide {residents outside of the US will receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card}, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Savannahmiller1987 blog is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Review for Harper Grace Baby

Harper Grace

Harper Grace makes shopping for baby and mom so much easier!  They are a one stop shop that has it all!
Harper Grace is made of 3 boutiques that are designed to take a mother through pregnancy, the birth of her child and then keep her and her child in a safe healthy environment.  They emphasis on being "green / eco-friendly" and providing mom and baby the best!
I will tell you a little bit about each boutique.  The photos I provide are right from the site.  I was so amazed at how beautiful everything was  that it was really hard to choose which ones to post in the review. ~ Harper Grace Baby carries so many beautiful good quality items it is hard to pick out a favorite!  They really do carry everything you need for your baby and toddler!  Toys, furniture, clothing, nursery items, christening, diaper bags, skin care, ect... 
They cover it all!  
The wonderful woman who runs this company has made sure everything is safe!  So not only do you get top quality items you also get the reassurance that they are not harmful to your family.

  I love how beautiful and unique everything is.  I will post a few photos of items from Harper Grace Baby:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beanfields Bean And Rice Tortilla Chips review


Beanfields Bean And Rice Tortilla Chips


At Beanfields, they do things better.   Wondering how?
They wants snacks that are great tasting but are also good for you, your families, our farmers and good for the planet.
To Beanfields it's about being healthy, without sacrificing taste.

 So what is their secret?? Beans!
They use wholesome and nutritious Black and Navy Beans and they then mix them with long grain rice! 

Making them loaded with double the amount of fiber and protein than most corn tortilla or potato chips. 

They are Free from gluten, corn and dairy, Beanfields chips have 29% less fat than other corn tortilla or potato chips.They come in 5 amazing flavors- Vegan Nacho, Pico De Gallo, Sea Salt, Salt N' Pepper, and Unsalted.  

 I think they word it best on their website:
"Above all we want to bring you better snacking choices, we believe that great taste and good nutrition can and should coexist.

So wondering what my family and I thought?
We really enjoyed them!  My hubby wasn't a big fan of them, but the kids finished all the bags!
Not only are these good to be eaten so, but my little guys LOVED putting them into their tomato soup!

I liked the fact they weren't greasy like an normal chip and that I could give them to my kids with out worrying I was given them something unhealthy!

Want to know something else I LOVE about them?
They are made in the USA!! 

Want to learn more about this amazing snack?  See my links below:

Disclaimer:  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.