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Rhonda Shear Review

Rhonda Shear Review

Recently I was given the chance to review for Rhonda Shear.  They specialize in women products everything from bras, panties, shapewear, sleepwear, apparel, and lingerie.  They carry these great items in so many sizes from XS to 3X Rhonda Shear truly has something for everyone.  And  you know women will love them because they are designed by a woman, for women.
Rhonda Shear products come in fun colors, genius styling and high quality fabrications.

I personally was given the chance to review:
The Original Ahh Bra
Ahh Seamless Brief
Ahh Seamless Leisure Bra w/ Pad and lace center
"Smooth Tootsie" High Waist Legging 

First I want to tell you that each items was made with super smooth material.  Nothing is worse then wearing under clothing that makes you itch and rubs you in the wrong way, I didn't have that promblem once with Rhonda Shear products.  They are all smooth and worked with my skin not against it.  

Rhonda Shear website talks about the Ahh Moment and I can safely say I had it!  No more itchy, pokey and uncomfortable under clothing for me!  Because once you have that Ahh Moment you can never return to the BLAH moments :).

First I want to tell you about The Original Ahh Bra.  
The Ahh Bra was winner in 2011 and 2012 in the Undie Award for best Leisure Bra and was voted best in product for HSN in 2012. 
 Full coverage seamless fabrication 


Wide non-adjustable straps 

Ribbed band under bust for 
comfortable support 
Support crunching at center front 
No underwire, no hook & eyes

I love it!! I get the support I need and I can do it in comfort.

I wore the Ahh Seamless Brief with my Ahh Bra.  And let me tell you it was the ultimate Ahh Moment :).
The Seamless Brief again are so comfy with their soft material and hidden seams.

Next I wore the Ahh Seamless Leisure Bra w/ Pad and lace center. This had all the same great features as the original Ahh, but with a cute little lace center to give it a stylish feel and a bit of padding in the front.

Last but not least is the "Smooth Tootsie" High Waist Legging.  I'm a mommy so my tummy and hips and well everything don't look how they use to.  I need a bit of help hiding the fact my body isn't as great as it once was.  They thing is so many of those "Look Skinny" products hurt!  They squeeze until you can't breath they itch and they literally are more trouble then they are worth.
But not Rhonda Shear I LOVE THEM again I can't stress how soft the material is and it works with my body!  Squeezing with just the right amount of pressure without cutting off my breathing. 

They have a Firm high waist control, they also Shape hips, thighs & legs.  And they are also Tagless!  Which I love, I hate tags they make me itch and when I rip them out I always tear my clothing!  

I am so impressed with Rhonda Shear products.  I always thought as a woman I was doomed to be pitched, poked and itchy.  Rhonda Shear has proved to me I can look good with out the pain.
Want to learn more or purchase for yourself?
See my Link below:

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Panty Box Post 2

My Panty Box Post 2

A few weeks ago I introduced you to an amazing online company My Panty Box

For those of you who didn't read the first post or forgot what it was about I will remind you about them.
Its a monthly subscription service to receive a panty every month at your home, wherever you live!  This isn't like most subscription boxes because you are not getting a sample you are getting a unique items that can not be found in shops and is made with the highest quality.   How awesome would that be to open your mail box and get a super cute panties instead of your normal bills!  And to really top it off they come in a discrete package so no one not even the mail man will know what you are getting!

You can read all the fun facts from my other review, because today I want to tell you about my 2nd pair of panties :)!
So here is the thing I know the first panties were really cute/sexy!  Some people may be thinking yeah well that could be a fluke just because one pair was totally awesome doesn't mean they will all be that way.  Well panty number 2 is just as cute as the first one! 

My first pair of panties I would consider them date night panties or girls night out panties.  The 2nd panties are cute and casual.  My hubby plays baseball (Okay the man plays softball, but baseball sounds more manly!!)  The thing is I sit at those games for hours when they have a tournament.  Don't get me wrong I love lace, but try sitting on it for 3 hours...  I normally go with the comfy yet ugly panties.  Well no more, because now I have a cute comfy pair of panties!  Not to mention they are really stylish!

I'm not sure how well you can see from the large photo so I wanted to zoom into the super cute design on the side.  This lace up is on both sides in front of my hips.  It adds that bit of sexy to these cute panties.

So the first month wasn't a fluke My Panty Box has now sent me 2  cute pairs of panties.  I'm one happy customer :)

OHHHH and before I forget another thing I love about this company is I get an email when my panties ship!  So I knew when to expect them.

Yet again I'm so impressed with My Panty Box!  Ladies join me in this monthly subscription!  You deserve to indulge and feel cute.

Want to learn more or start you own subscription see my link below:

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review all opinions are my own.  This post contains my affiliate link.

Honeywell Air Purifier Giveaway!

The Simply Me Blog is helping to promote the Honeywell Air Purifier Giveaway!!  Good luck everyone :)

Welcome to The Honeywell True Hepa Tower Allergen Remover Air Purifier Giveaway.
Hosted by: Southern Belle
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Giveaway will run March 29th - April 5th
Open to U.S. only
One lucky winner will win their very own Honeywell True Hepa Tower Allergen Remover Air Purifier.
Information on the Honeywell True Hepa Tower Allergen Remover Air Purifier:
  • Easy Setup
  • Attractive tower design
  • Filters capture pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander
  • Easy to use controls
  • Three air cleaning levels
  • Electronic filter replacement reminder
  • ARB certified to comply with Federal ozone emissions limit
  • Works Great
You can read the full review here.

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Vicks GermFree Cool moisture Humidifier GIveaway

The Simply Me Blog is helping to promote another amazing giveaway!  I hope you will take the time to enter for the chance to win this amazing prize :)

Vicks GermFree Cool Moisture Humidifier Giveaway.

Hosted by Southern Belle
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The Vicks GermFree Cool Moisture Humidifier offers:
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Works great
  • Invisible moisture
  • Naturally and effectively relieves coughs and congestion
  • Relieves cold, flu and hay fever symptoms
  • Helps you breathe better
  • 1 gallon capacity
  • 100 % cool mist
  • Perfect for babies, children and adults
You can read the full review here

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will run March 29th - April 5th.
Giveaway is open to U.S. Only
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Little Passports Review and Giveaway

Little Passports Review and Giveaway

You know how excited we get when a package arrives in the mail.  Well it is nothing compared to the excitement a child feels when they receive a package.  Recently I was given the chance to review  Little Passports and the box was addressed to my kids.  They were literally bouncing up and down in anticipation wondering what could be in this box of wonder.

So right from the start Little Passports gets a huge thumbs up from this mama. They put smiles on my little guy's faces :).

I bet you are wondering what is Little Passports?  Its a monthly subscription box that provides our kiddos with both adventure and knowledge.  They do this with the lovable Sam and Sophia.  Kids get to follow them on their traveling adventures.
There is 2 kinds of kits the World edition or the USA edition.  My little guys got to try the World Edition so today I will be telling you all about it!
First off the World Edition is age appropriate for kids 5-10.
The first month's Explorer Kit arrives in a super cute suitcase, its filled with everything my kids needed to have an adventure.  Including but not limited to a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, access to online game, activity sheet and so much more.   
One of the things my son loves most is the boarding pass, this allowed him to go online and play games.  His personal favorite is the online puzzle.  

Each month they will get new material so they can continue to follow Sam and Sophia.
My kids loved it and the thing I loved most is my son was asking a lot about the map.  I pointed out a few countries to him and I would tell him certain facts I knew about them.  And he remembered it!  He went to my dads house and kept telling him about all the places around the world!  My son says one day he will be just like Sam and he will see the world.  Quinn is only 2 so for him packing and unpacking the suitcase was the highlight.  When Brandon told Quinn they were traveling somewhere new  he loved pretending to hop on the magic scooter.  (That is how Sam and Sophia get around a magic scooter.)

Little Passports really played on their imaginations and they had a blast with Sam and Sophia.
They can't wait to see where Sam and Sophia go next month and I can't wait for them to learn more about the world.  
Brandon Jr also wants to write a letter to Sam.  He is really into this :)

Little Passports not only provides my kids with entertainment they are also learning as they play.

If you want to learn more please see my links below:
Little Passports Website

And right now 1 Simply me Followers has the chance to win a 3 month subscription!!
You must be 18+ to win live in the continental USA and no PO .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jack & Lily Review and GIVEAWAY

~*~*~Jack & Lily Review and GIVEAWAY~*~*~

My little Quinn loves clothing!  He is only 2, but he takes such good care of his clothing.  He makes sure his shoes are always put away, when I put a shirt on he pushes out any wrinkles, and he always adjusts his socks so they are just right.  My little 2 year old is more worried about appearance then I am!  

When I discover Jack & Lily I knew they were the perfect store for Quinn!  They sell high quality baby and toddler footwear.  Their footwear is designed with baby in mind, to make sure they are comfortable they use the best ‘Lamb Touch’ leather available.  
  They are really durable its hard to show that in a photo.  The  shoe  has a flexible rubber non-slip sole, they have a suede lining and they have lots of padding so they can be worn indoors and outdoors. They are also very fashionable!

I was able to review the Sandal navy.
First I want to talk about the box!  I know that is crazy, but look how cute the box is that these shoes come in.  Right away Quinn felt super important seeing this :).

They are hand-crafted out of breathable premium leather.  I love the fact that the sole was durable and soft making it perfect for my little guys feet.  Also it has Velcro so my little guy can easily put them on or take them off.

I'm sure you can see how adorable they look on Quinn. 

 He made sure to investigate every inch of these shoes.

Jack and Lily are on the bottom of the shoes and that got a huge smile out of him.  He kept pointing and telling me baby.

Its still pretty cold in PA so we have only been able to wear them indoors.  I hoping Easter is warmer, because we have a cute outfit to match these awesome shoes.
I know you can see by the huge smile on Quinn's face he loves them.  I wish they made size 5 because Brandon Jr is really jealous! 

This is just one of the amazing shoes offered at Jack & Lily. 
 They also have:
ballet for girls

They come in so many different designs and colors, they have a shoe for every occasion.  They range in size start at 0-6 months and going all the way to 24-30 months.

If you want to learn more please see my link below:

And right now 1 Simply Me reader has the chance to win their choice of Jack and Lily shoes!
You must be 18+ to win live in the USA or Canada NO PO boxes please!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

iCaught the Easter Bunny

Want to put the magic back into Easter???  Then see below for a super fun way to make your kids believe! 

For less than $10 anyone can be a hero to children by catching the Easter Bunny 'in the act'. Catch him here - Catch him there - Catch him ANYWHERE! In three simple steps, iCaughtTheEasterBunny can turn a typical Easter into something spectacular.

 Catch The Easter Bunny TODAY! CLICK HERE to try it FREE! and SAVE 50% on your purchase with this code - 50% off code: BUNNY2013 

You can also follow them here:

Disclaimer:  I made this post in hopes of getting a free sample.

Lucky Bunny Giveaway Hop Kidorable review

Happy Easter and welcome to the Lucky Bunny Giveaway Hop! BloggerPR is hosting this event so that we can bring all of our readers something to do as we anxiously await the arrival of the Easter Bunny !  Each participant blogger is giving away a prize valued at $20 or more.  This event will run until Easter (March 31st), which gives you plenty of time to hop down the linky list like a bunny!

Welcome to the Simply Me Blog!
When I think of Easter I automatically think of Spring.  And even though I'm not a huge fan of Spring I still wanted to have a super cute giveaway.  

I don't know if you ever heard the expression April Showers bring May flowers, but it is the quote that inspired my giveaway.

In just a few days we will be starting those dreaded April Showers, but this year Brandon Jr is prepared!   He now has a super awesome raincoat from Kidorable!

And here at the Simply Me Blog you have the chance to win a Kidorable product!  

Kidorable is a cute company that makes creative and functional kid items.  From raincoats, umbrellas, hats, towels and so much more!  And everything is so adorable! 

I want to talk about the item I was able to review the Fireman Rain coat.  

The coat is made of PVC with a comfortable polyester lining.  Its available in many sizes from 1T all the way to 6. And all coats  come with a matching Kidorable hanger.

I love the coat it fits my son perfectly and keeps him dry.  
I love the fact it had really easy to snap buttons and 3 kid friendly buckles on the outside.  My son could easily take it off and put if on all by himself.  The  attached hood is really Convenient its big so it covers his entire head.  Plus it has a cute little rim to keep the rain off his face.  

I don't know how many of you have issues getting your little ones to put their coats on.  In my house its a huge issue, there are some days I feel like I'm taking part in a wrestling match.  With kidorable products my son couldn't wait to put it on, because he wasn't wearing a coat he was turning into a Firefighter.  I love that they play on kids imaginations and make everyday clothing into a fun adventure! 
Kidorable makes both mom and kids happy with their cute functional rain gear.

The Fireman Raincoat is only 1 of the themes they also have Dora, Spongebob, pirates, dinosaurs and so much more!

Want to learn more?
See my link below:
Kidorable Website

And right now 1 Simply Me follower has the chance to win a Kidorable prize!
You must be 18+ to enter and live in the continental USA no PO boxes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make Sure to hop around to all the other bloggers giveaways too

Disclaimer:  I received the products above to write an honest review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cable Turtle Organizer Review

Cable Turtle Organizer Review

Its that dreadful time of year again!
Spring Cleaning :(  Once a year for a week straight I clean and organize and basically go crazy for one full week.  The thing about Spring cleaning is some things are just impossible to organize.  I could make a whole list of things in my house I wish would just cooperate and be tidy, but that would take forever so today I'm going to narrow it down to one.  Cables, they are every where!  Whether it be computer cables, tv cables, lamps, appliances, game cords, phone cords etc.  I was going to count all the cables in my home, but I do have a life you know ;)

The thing with cables is you can wrap them up, but odds are they will unwind easily.  With little kids I hate having them lay around they are always a trip hazard.  That is where the Cable Turtle comes into play.  It easily wraps up those cables and keeps them into place.  Taking a once messy chaotic mess into a nice neat space.
They come in a few sizes I was able to review a mini, small and large.  I was also able to review a head phone sized Cable Turtle~

See below my computer wires, such a horrible mess.  I knew for this mess the large was going to be necessary   

I choose the wire that gives me the most grief which is the wire my husband uses for his game system.  I'm sure you can see just how much space it takes up.  I hate it most days I can't even put my feet under the desk with out getting wrapped up.

I'm sure you can see that pesty wire is now a thing of the past!  Look how much more organized it looks.  My husband swears he buying bunch of these to get rid of all the other wire mess down there too.

Next I wanted to use a Cable Turtle Organizer in my kitchen.  With so many appliance I feel like I have wires everywhere.  The 2 that annoy me the most are the toaster and can opener. After long debate I decided to use it on the can opener. The thing about my can opener is I also like to prep food in that area so I normally move it out of the way.  It is always such a pain trying to move it and not have that cord get into the way.  I used the small to handle the pesky wire.  

    I'm sure you can see a once in the way wire is now a thing of the past.

So I now showed you 2 ways Cable Turtle has helped organize my home.  One helped my husband and the other helped me.  I wanted to find a way it could also help my kids.  So I got the DS charger cord.  

The thing is always getting tangled because its just left laying out.  It took me 30 seconds to wrap this cord up.  So now my kids no longer have to worry about untangling! 

Last and not least is the head phone sized cable turtle.  Again my kids always have tangled cords.  Its enough to give me a headache!  

Again I was able to wrap my cord up in less the 30 seconds!  30 seconds of my life and now I will no longer have to take 20 minutes untangle their head phone cords.

No one likes cleaning and organizing.  We all have busy lives and I know I have a hundred other things I would prefer to be doing.  So when I do take the time to organize I want to make sure its done right the first time.  I don't want to clean up the same cord 20 times.  I want to do it once and be done with it.  Cable Turtle organizer makes that possible!  My husband is ordering more and my computer mess and his gaming mess (Play station, Xbox 360, WII and w/e else he has) will soon be a thing of the past :).
This mama has had enough of the clutter and mess and can't wait to see it gone!

Here are some facts about Cable Turtle:
~ Cable Turtle is designed to handle 1000W load
~ Perfect, indispensable solution for handling long electrical cords
~Mini, small and large sizes for all of your wire management needs
~ Durable, easily portable, fits multiple cable sizes
~ Great fit, great protection, looks great (comes in many colors to fit your personaly style)
~ Simple, no installation, just wrap around and snap shut (So easy even my hubby could do it ;)...)
And my personal favorite fact, they are so affordable!  Organization has never been so cheap :).

Want to learn more?
See my links below:

Disclaimer:  I was given the above product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aromo Coffee review

Aromo Coffee review

My husband recently had the chance to review a sample of Aromo coffee.
Aromo Coffee offers beans, ground and pods.  Making it easy for all coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite type of coffee.  I also love that their website has a money back policy if you don't like the coffee.

 The sample my husband was given was a bit to strong for him.  He did say the coffee itself tasted good, but was just to strong for his personal taste. 

My aunt happens to love bold coffee so I left her try it.  My aunt tried it and she loved it!!  I ended up given her the rest of the bag she her and my uncle could enjoy it.

  I personally don't drink coffee, but I can say it smelled really good :)

If you would like to learn more please see my link below.

Disclaimer:  I was given this sample for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Noxicare Natural Pain Relief capsules review and giveaway

Noxicare Natural Pain Relief capsules review and giveaway 

I'm sure by  now everyone has heard of Noxicare the Natural Pain Relief  breakthrough formula.  If you have not heard of Noxicare yet you are missing out!  Noxicare consist o7 of the world's most potent natural pain relievers.  The formula works quickly and effectively for a fast natural relief of inflammation, muscle aches and nerve pain.  As of right now there is no known side effects.  And you can get all of this without a prescription!  

I already had the chance to review Noxicare Cream.  Now I was also given the opportunity to try their Pain Relief Capsules. 

My husband is always sore, he lifts heavy things all day long 8 hours a day for 6 days a week.  He is the foreman at a cabinet and door company.  He lifts them all day long to load and unload trucks.  By the time Sunday rolls around he is so sore and tired.  I left him try Noxicare and he said it works! :)  He said that other products normally only work on certain areas like a sore muscle or joint pain.  He said with Noxicare all his pain was gone.  Not just one area, but everywhere!  I was really impressed!  I don't have everyday aches and pains.  I do get the occasional sore back from lifting Quinn.  I'm sure you know if it worked on my hubby if def. worked for me! 
2 different people with 2 very different pains and both get the same amazing results!
 Yet again I'm so impressed by Noxicare.

Noxicare pain relief capsules are made with all natural ingredients!

The active ingredients are Turmeric, Willow Bark, Ginger, Holy Basil, Rosemary Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acids, Boswellia Extract and the capsules are Vegetarian!

And there is no weird taste!  
I asked my husband if he thought the pill had a weird taste, he said he couldn't taste anything.  

Want to learn more?
See my Link below:

And today one Lucky Simply Me followers has the chance to win Noxicare Natural Pain Relief capsules for themselves!

You must be 18+ to win and live in the continental USA

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Disclaimer:  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Udderly Smooth review and giveaway

Udderly Smooth review and giveaway 

Recently I had the opportunity to review for Udderly Smooth.  Udderly Smooth products are made in the USA and has been making body cream for over 30 years!
What sets them apart from other Body Creams is their products can be used everywhere!
Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, forDiabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.
I was given the chance to try all the products in the above photo I want to tell you about each of them.  But First I would like to mention that I can't believe how thick this lotion is!!

I was stunned by how thick it was and by the fact it didn't make my skin feel greasy at all!  Each lotion is lightly scented and just comes off as a beautiful fresh scent.

First I used Udderly Smooth Udder Cream.  I was able to use this product all over my body.  It left every inch of me feeling soft and refreshed.  The Udder Cream is greaseless, stainless water-based moisturizer.  A really fun fact is this was originally used on dairy cows, but now is used to help heal peoples dry skin.

Next I used the Body Cream.  Again I'm so impressed with how soft and smooth my skin felt.  I love the fact its only lightly scent so that I don't get an overpowering perfume smell.  No horrible greasy feeling with this product either :)

So I have dry feet!  They drive me nuts some days when I'm wearing sneakers I swear I want to go insane because my dry feet itch so bad!
So I'm sure you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see Shea Butter Foot Cream!
This product is a miracle worker.  My feet have never felt so smooth before!  Normally I dread sandal season no one wants to show off dry feet......  This year I can't wait!

According to the website Udderly Smooth Can be used for all these purposes:
* Dry and chapped skin
* As a shaving lotion
* Diabetes skin care
* Hand and Foot Syndrome
* Chamois cream for bicyclists
* Needlework and quilting

Udderly Smooth Can be found at local stores such as Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Weis Market, Giant Eagle and so many more places!
You can also purchase right from the Udderly Smooth website!

I'm so impressed with this product my skin feels good.  I trusted it enough to even use of my kids.

Want to learn more?
See my links below:

And one Simply Me reader has the chance to win Udderly Smooth prize pack.  
You must be 18+ and live in the continental USA

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given the above products for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organic Le Savonnier Marseillais savon noir Soap Review

Organic Le Savonnier Marseillais Savon Noir Soap Review 

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Organic Le Savonnier Marseillais Soap.  This is 100% Natural All-Purpose Olive Oil Soap, it is Biodegradable, eco-friendly and economical safe with no added colorant and solvents. 

It can be used is several different ways: washing your hands, doing kitchen dishes, any surface cleaning, even cars, and giving baths to your pets.  Yes this product is even safe to use on pets :).
My cleaning cabinet is always full, to full to be honest its nice to have 1 product that does so much.

I was able to review the eucalyptus soap and oh my did this smell heavenly!  I knew I wanted to try this product a few different ways so I could prove all its great uses.  But after smelling it I knew washing my hands had to be first on my to do list.
It worked perfectly my hands were clean, smooth and smelling great!

Now on to the hard parts!
Next I wanted to clean my kitchen I started with the dishes I'm so impressed with the way it cleans my dirty dishes cutting threw greasy like it was nothing.
I moved on to my counter tops I mixed a bit with water into a spray bottle. 

 It worked perfectly given me a clean counter top.  
I wanted to see just how much this one product could do, within the next few hours I washed my floor, oven, fridge and windows.  Each time Savon Noir soap handled it with easy.  

Making my kitchen clean and smell good!
When it warms up my car is going to be getting cleaned too.

I'm so in awe of this all natural, all purpose soap.

I wasn't done testing this Soap yet it had to pass the ultimate test My baby Roo.  (Rufus!!)  I think my dog could win a messy dog contest he is always dirty and purposely seeks out all sorts of grim.
Organic Le Savonnier Marseillais Savon Noir Soap handle my messy pup with easy!  Poor Rufus hates being clean and Savon Noir got him squeaky clean!

I'm sure all moms are with me on this one we would do anything to uncluttered our homes.  Wouldn't it be nice to replace several cleaners with just this one! 

You can find more in my link below:

Disclaimer:  I was given the above product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.