Wax and Soapy Water Review

Wax and Soapy Water Review

I love artisan handmade soap!  I think the quality of the soap is amazing and it always smells so much better then the mass produced stuff.
I love buying from small businesses because they put so much love and time into their products.  And most of all I love telling you about these amazing products and companies, so you too can enjoy them :)

With all that being said....

I just discovered another amazing company that I'm super excited to tell you about
The first thing I noticed when I purchased from Wax and Soapy Water was the customer service!  The owner is so nice and I can tell he puts so much love and time into his soaps and wax tarts!  So right away I knew it was going to be a great company to buy from.

The customer Service was only the beginning.
The soap is what blew me away!
I can tell a soap is going to be amazing when I can smell it before I see it.  I received my package of soap on Wednesday when I was walking up my porch steps I could smell everything before I even seen the package!  So many different scents and each of them smelled heavenly!  I couldn't wait to get into my house and see all my goodies :)

 I will go from the top left and tell you what everything is in order:
The green bar is GinTeal Shea Butter Soap
Next is Autumn Dessert
The mixed colored bar smells so amazing like chocolate

second row starting with the blue bar with hearts is Love Spell
The purple bar is lavender mint
the blackish colored bar is the most amazing manly scent ever
above that is a Red heart this is a massage melt bar I can't wait to tell you about it!!
And the small yellow flowers and red hearts on the bag are wax tarts.

Lets start with my favorite scent Autumn Dessert.

Pumpkin Happens to be my favorite soap scent and Autumn Dessert smells like Delicious pumpkin pie with a hint of Creme Brulee!   
This smells so YUMMY!!  I sure you can see how beautiful the  swirls look.  I almost didn't want to use it because it was to pretty!

  My skin fells amazing when using this.  To be honest every soap from Wax and Soapy Water made my skin feel so soft and smell amazing.
When it comes to Soap Wax and Soapy Water knows what they are doing!!
Lets talk about GinTeal Shea Butter Soap

 This had the most tranquil peaceful smell!  Its made with a smoothing White Tea and Ginger scent.   I could literally feel myself relaxing when using this.  It was the perfect soap to use for a relaxing bath :)

 Now my lovely black and white bar.
This soap had an sexy manly scent I left my hubby use it and he loved it!  I have to say I really adore the way it made him smell this is the way a man should smell ;)

I didn't have the chance to use the Lavender Mint, Love Spell or the mix bar yet.  I can tell you they smell amazing and so far all the Wax and Soapy Water soaps have made my skin feel so soft so I know I am going to love these too!

Now I want to tell you about the Massage Melt.  I have never used a product like this before and I'm so excited I discovered it.
You simply place the heart into your hand and your body heat melts it.  Then you can rub your hand together.  This is also perfect for back massages.  My hubby was super sweet and used it on my back.  It made my skin so smooth and it Smells like Chocolate! Needless to say it was a sweet massage :)
I adore the massage melt!

I'm not sure how well the photos shows it but my hand was so soft it made my entire body this soft.  

Last but not least was the Wax Tarts.  I put these in the candle warmer in my kitchen and they made my whole house smell heavenly!
I have used other wax melts before and I have to say Wax and Soapy Water is def. my new favorite.  My entire house smells so good when using these and I got several compliments on the scent.

I'm so impressed with Wax and Soapy Water!  The products are astonishing  the owner is super sweet I know for a fact I will be a life time customer!
I'm glad to have the chance to tell you all about this amazing shop and I hope you will check them out.
If you want to learn more see their website
or you can check out their facebook page