Kushyfoot review

Kushyfoot Review

Wouldn't it be nice to have fashionable footwear that is also comfortable.  I know most of you think that it is impossible.  What if I told you not only is it possible, but I myself can tell you all about it :).  The brand is Kushyfoot and ladies is a footwear revolution!   It is the first brand in women's hosiery to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology. All products are exclusively designed to feature a comfortable sole.  Combining both style and comfort. 
I was given the chance to review Slipper socks for wearing around the house and the super cute Ballet Flats from Flats on the go!

First I want to talk about the Slipper socks. I'm sure you can see they are super cute with their tiny pink bow and stylish little pink strap.  These are perfect for wearing around the house.
And what sets them apart from other socks is the squiggly lines on the bottom!  These are to prevent slipping.  I myself love wearing these around the house I'm always chasing my kids or the dogs and its nice not to be slipping as I go.  Another great use for these would be in your hospital delivery bag.  When I had Quinn I forgot to buy a pair for my hospital bag and I had to wear a horrible pee yellow pair. (compliments of the hospital.)  I don't know about you ladies, but I look horrible after my deliveries....  It would have been nice to at least be wearing a cute pair of socks!!  So if you are pregnant or know someone who is these are a must have item!  Plus they will fit easily into any bag :)
Next I reviewed the Ballet Flats for Flats on the go.
These are lightweight and easy to travel with...  I know some of you are thinking what do you mean easy to travel with.  How many times ladies did you wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes and half way through the day think to yourself 'what was I thinking wearing these'.... Well problem solved.

Flats on the Go have a soft sole which allows them to be rolled up or folded.  Making them super easy to put into a purse or handbag.  

Perfect for those times when you just need to get out of them uncomfortable shoes!

And as if Kushyfoot didn't do enough they also added a super cute carry purse to store these in.  Simply slip it into your purse and never be stuck in a 'what was I thinking wearing these' situation again.
Note the pink piece of paper does come out leaving you with a cute clear plastic purse.

Trust me ladies this is a must have for all women!  Don't lie I know we have all tried to look hot and wore ridiculousness shoes from hell....  Yes I just said hell, because to be honest that is what it feels like when you are in a pair of heels and your feet hurt. Flats To Go are the answer.  Don't like leopard skin lucky for they come in many colors and designs.

The two items I review today are just a few of all the great items Kushyfoot carries.  They also have Flats to go in Open toe and sandals.  They have foot covers, knee highs, tights and so many different sock options.
If you want to learn more check them out here:

Disclaimer:  I received these products for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.