Nutra-Lift Review

Nutra-Lift Review

Nutra-Lift prides themselves on making the best skin care products available at the best possible price.  They have over 90 skin care products sold all around the world under the name Nutra-Life and other various brands.  Their products were made to improve the appearance of the whole body!  Starting at the head all the way down to our toes.  
Their facial products range from anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, masks, lip renewal, cleaners and eyes treatments   For the hair they have Shampoo, conditioners and styling gels.  They have moisturizers, scrubs, soaps, foot care, cuticle care and even anti-cellulite treatments.
These are just a few of the many items Nutra-Lift has!
With so many different products they really do cover all your skin care needs whatever they may be.

They use the finest natural and organic ingredients   They combine them with the latest research and technology to guarantee you the best results.  Nutra-Lift products are all cruelty free.

I personally had the chance to try:
Grape Seed Foaming Face Polish
Herbal NonSoap Cleanser
Rejuvenating "A" Nano Reneu
Maximum C 

First I want to tell you I LOVE each of these products.  They give my face that deep down clean and they smell soooo GOOD!  I hate when my facial products smell like chemicals, but Nutra-Lift products had a super sweet citrus smell.  My face looks and feels baby soft :)
I'm sadly getting older.  Unlike my teenage years I can't just use soap and water and be good to go my skin needs some extra help these days.  Nutra-Lift worked beautifully with my skin and gave it back its youthful glow :).

First I used Herbal NonSoap Cleanser 
 This one product does so much!  Its a cleanser, mask, toner and make-up remover all in one!  And when using it you don't have to worry about your face having that greasy film afterwards.  My skin already felt so fresh and clean, but this was only step 1.  This was an important step it makes it possible for the rest of my skin treatments to absorbed into my skin.

Step 2
Rejuvenating "A" Nano Reneu
This product actually has 24K gold in the mixture!  Its a well known fact that that gold is used by many as the ultimate weapon against aging.  I may be biased since it is my skin, but wow!  I could tell with in a few moments that my skin had a new healthy shine to it.  And it felt so much softer then normal.

Step 3 for me was the Grape Seed Foaming Face Polish.  I wont lie to you when I first looked at this product I though oh god I have to put that on my face.  The appearance was not what I was expecting for a face product.  I am so happy I sucked it up and used it, because they may be my new favorite beauty item!  This product exfoliated, moisturized, tone and cleaned my face.  All in one step!  I could feel my pores being cleaned out as I scrubbed my face and neck with this and the smell was amazing!  A sweet fruity smell :).   The Grape face polish makes my skin glow I LOVE IT!!

Last but not least I used Maximum C.
This product Energizes , Tightens , Brightens , Protects, Moisturizes & Nourishes ALL in One Step!  I love it and it was the perfect finishing step for my face cleaning :)
Like all the other Nutra-Lift products this had the most amazing smell and left my skin feeling soft, healthy and loved.

I recommended this company to all people who love their skin!  I'm sure you think your face is clean right now, but until you use Nutra-Lift products its not truly clean!

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Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.