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Show your #DisneySide @Home Celebration

Disclosure:  I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

Show your #DisneySide @Home Celebration

Few of you may know this, but I have never been to Disney world or Disney Parks!  It has always been a dream of mine to get there and last year my husband made me a promise that in 2017 (When Quinn was a bit older) we would go!  What turned into a trip for my hubby, 2 kids and I, suddenly escalated to my mom and dad.  Than my sister and her boyfriend decided to go and finally both my brothers!
Even though it is two years away we can't stop planning.  Every week my sister is sending me links to places she wants to go when we are down there.  My brother keeps asking me if he thinks my kids will be able to go on certain rides!  My dad wont stop asking how far in advance we should make restaurant reservations.  And my boys keep saying they don't know if we are going to be able to meet everyone in only 5 days....  At which point in time they both insist that they definitely have to meet Mickey.

My family has never been shy about showing our Disney Side.  Recently when I found out I would get the another chance to host a Disney Side party I couldn't wait!  After last year's party my family kept asking when I was having another one.

Now last year we did a huge party!  We invited 20+ people and had a blast.
2014 Disney Side Party

This year we went a bit low key and had a smaller party made up of just family.
The reason is, my kiddos wanted an over night party.  As much as I love my friends, we wouldn't all have a spot to sleep!
So our 2015 party was a PJ/Movie/Sleepover/Breakfast theme.

Disney of course made hosting a party easy by sending me a HUGE package!
In contained:

Disney Themed invites
Disney Cars napkins, cups, plates, decor and a table cloth
Car Snacks supplies
Party favorites

Cake supplies Mickey Pan, Cake mix from Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios, and Sprinkles
HP CMYK (Create Memories you keep) packs
Snuggles, ALL and Wisk products
Twinings Tea
Disney vacations planning DVD

My kiddos each had $20 to go buy snacks at the grocery store.  I left them pick their favorite things to share with our guest.
Next of course was the decorating.
My boys wanted to do this all on their own, besides me hanging a few things from the ceiling (they couldn't reach) my boys did the rest.

I loved seeing how excited they were to show their Disney Side and it made me realize that you don't need to spend a lot of money to have a small get together.

Finally we had to pick a movie.... This is where things got a bit tricky.  We have a HUGE Disney Collection.  I still have all my VHS tapes from my childhood, my boys have their own collection of DVDs and we also have several digital copies on VUDU and of course Netflix has a good selection.
After several hours of debate we decided to each write down our 3 favorite and pick 2 from a hat to watch.
In the end Pocahontas and Hercules won :)

As the guest arrived my boys took them on a small tour.  They showed them what food we had, the decorations and gave them all some party favors.

Everyone smiles and I realized no matter what age Disney is always sure to put a smile on your face.

A few guest spent the night and the next morning we ate Mickey mouse shaped pancakes.  Drank Donald Duck orange juice and of course since it was mostly family we couldn't help, but to plan out 2017 Disney Trip!!

The next time you are planning a party, whether it be a sleep over, birthday, or even a family dinner why not included Disney!!  Anytime is a great time to show you Disney side :)
For more ideas you can check out this website:

Or you can check out some of the idea's I posted on my pinterest board

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Massage Envy Spa Wyomissing, PA

Massage Envy Spa Wyomissing, PA

In January I went to get my first massage, I wasn't really sure what to expect.
I have to admit I was amazed!!
Upon arriving I received an amazing welcome, the women in the front room offered me a drink and made sure I was comfortable as I filled out my paper work.
The paper work was the next huge perk.  I was able to customize my massage anyway I wanted.  The pressure, where I wanted to focus on and also I could add things such as lavender garden to my lotion.
After my paper work was complete I went to the tranquility room to relax more.
Again I was offered tea and other refreshments.  And given a small tour of the area.
After a little bit the woman doing my massage came in and we talked a bit more about my massage.
Before my massage started I was 100% sure that I was going to get exactly what I wanted.
In my room I was given time to undress and lay on the table.
I want to remark I had complete control over everything in the room.  Music volume, heat control on the table and periodically I was asked if the pressure was good.
I found myself going into a deep relaxation and several time I thought for sure I was going to fall asleep!
At the end I was again given time to get dressed.
I then went back to the tranquility room and talked with the woman who did my massage.  She told me were some of my knots were (My left shoulder I already knew I always have pain there) and talked to me about coming back and what she suggested I get next time.
I got the best night sleep that night since there was not twinging pain in my shoulder!  I can't say enough great things about Massage Envy Spa and I am grateful they are now in my area!

That was my first massage and I have to say I am amazed!  When my hubby asked this year what I wanted for V-Day I couldn't request it quick enough :)
My next appointment is on February 15

I made an appointment for another massage,  I wanted to mention they also offer facials
If you live in my area you definently want to check out the new Massage Envy Spa in Wyomissing PA

Healthy Pet okocat litter review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own,.

Healthy Pet okocat litter review

I love my cat, but her litter can be a pain!  A few of the things I hate are smell, not Eco friendly and I hate when I am pour it and I get a huge dust cloud in my face!

Recently I discovered Healthy Pet OkoCat litter and I was blown away by all the benefits of using this litter.

Free of Harmful chemicals, additives and synthetic scents!

Come from tress, reclaimed fallen timber and unused lumber materials.

Dust free option!  As someone with sinus issues this was a HUGE plus!

There is also the benefit of 7 day odor control, it is biodegradable and the wood litter has a natural antibacterial.

Lightweight, I couldn't believe just how light the box was when I picked it up.  I am use to having to switch hand when carrying.  With OkoCat Litter the box felt lighter then a gallon of milk!

I was sent 3 kinds to try Dust free, natural wood clumping, and pine.

I could tell instantly just by looking at the litter that it was different then what I was use to using.  I thought for sure my cat would refuse to use it, but she did not!  She took to it instantly so switching brands was easy.

It does absorb nicely I didn't have a huge mess at the bottom of the box at the end of the week.
The clumping isn't as nice as my old brand, but for all the added benefits I can deal with it.

I love that it is biodegradable so I no longer have to feel guiltily about my cat litter!

I was able to try these 3, but I seen on their site they also have Long hair natural wood clumping.
Let me tell you a bit more about the 3 I was able to try

√∂kocat Natural Pine Litter is free from chemicals, dyes and other synthetics. Its soft cracked pine pellets are easy on cats’ paws and have been lab-tested and proven to absorb more than 5X their weight in liquid and control odor for 7 days. 
100% biodegradable. The litter degrades quickly and cleanly.
Okocat Pine litter

Natural Wood Clumping

Premium fast and firm clumping litter in soft, ground pellets. Tested performance for long lasting odor control and unsurpassed absorption with the added benefits of inhibiting anti-bacterial growth and flushable disposal. Proven Performance as Best in Class! 7 Day Odor Control Absorbs 500% its wt Superior Clumping Anti-bacterial
Natural Wood okocat litter

Dust free

Lightweight paper litter is firm on the outside and soft on the inside, like pulp. Dust free, so it’s perfect for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies. Won’t track through the house like clay litters, or leave paw prints on the furniture. Fortified with our Odor Shield technology for long lasting odor control. Dust Free Odor Shield Technology Absorbs 200% its weight Soft pellet on the paws 
Dust Free OkoCat litter

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Disclaimer:  I was products in this post in order to make an honest review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.


I have been dieting, since before the New Year.  And for once it is working!  I think the reason is I am not trying to lose weight, but I am trying to be healthy.  I didn't cut food out, I just replaced it with better choices.  I have been going to the gym 5 times a week with my husband.  To be honest I have not weighed myself in 3 weeks, but I feel better.  I have more energy, sleep easier and all my little aches seem to be going away!!

One of my biggest struggles is making better food choices.  Grabbing something quick for on the go has always been my down fall.
Recently I discovered the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ not only does it help me make better choices, but it also makes taking food on the go easy.

 Ideal for an on-the-go super juice or helping with dinner and snacks, the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ was designed to create not only nutrient-complete juices but also sauces, dressings, dips, purees and frozen desserts. 

One-touch Intelligent Controls deliver powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction producing consistently smooth results at the touch of a button. Features 1000 watts of power and includes 18-ounce, 24-ounce, and 32-ounce Nutri Ninja single-serve cups with Sip & Seal Lids. All detachable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free.  My Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is breaking down my food, but keeping all the nutrients and vitamins in tact. 

I love the fact it comes with 3 serving cups.  I like the 24 and 18 ounce cups for when I need to make a juice and run out the door, but the larger 32 ounce is perfect when I am making something for the entire family.
And don't think it stops at juice, you can make soups, pancakes mixes and so much more.

Another huge perk is how easy it is to use!  Simply fill your cup with the ingredients you wish to use.  Put the blade on, then twist onto the Nutri Ninja.
From there you have 4 choices start/stop you can control the time.  Pulse, Auto IQ blend and Auto IQ ultra blend.

For my drinks I have been choosing Auto IQ blend.  It has literally been making my drinks in 45 seconds!
It takes me around 3 minutes to place everything into the cup and on the blender.  Then the 45 seconds to blend everything and finally another 15 seconds to switch out the blade for an on the go lid!
I can make a drink and be out the door in 4 minutes.
The Ninja will not turn on unless it on right.  So I don't have to worry about messes.  Oh and another huge perk is the part that attaches is the blade end, I don't' have to worry about my kids taking off the lid and reaching their little fingers in!

It blends everything, it has made sneaking vegetables into my kiddos drink so easy!
For the past week the have been drinking strawberry/banana/spinach juice :)!

Not only is it easy to use, it works perfectly.  It has so many added healthy benefits.  And to really top it off the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is so easy to clean!  I simply take everything apart and wash it by hand.  It is also dishwasher safe too :).
Since I knew I was writing this review, I made Quinn and I an afternoon snack :)

1 banana
1 orange
1 cup vanilla almond juice
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
a little spinach


apple juice

The choices are limitless!  You can make something for everyone.
To learn more please see my link below:
Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ

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Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own


My kids LOVE PBS!  I like that during the day when I am clean I can turn the channel on and know with out even checking that my kids will be watch good educational TV.

The thing about PBS is the cartoons end at a certain time each day.  My kids always beg me to please put it back on, but sadly I can't!  
 I started to order some of their favorite shows on DVD, so they could enjoy all day long.
And the LOVE it!
I truly thought their was nothing PBS could do to bring more fun to our home.  I was wrong!  They just released several of their beloved shows on DVD that also include a puzzle!!
Caillou: Caillou’s Garden Adventures DVD + Puzzle

In “Caillou’s Garden Adventures DVD + Puzzle” join Caillou as he explores the outdoors and learns how much fun it can be to take care of the environment. Take a hike with Caillou and Grandpa to Blueberry Point or join Daddy and Grandma in the garden while they plant a tree and teach Caillou about the magic of composting. This DVD includes six stories and has a run time of approximately 50 minutes.
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Welcome to the Neighborhood DVD + Puzzle

The first TV series inspired by the iconic, award-winning MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” stars 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, son of the original program’s Daniel Striped Tiger, who invites young viewers into his world. As they closely follow and share Daniel’s everyday adventures, preschoolers ages 2-4 and their families learn the fun and practical strategies and skills necessary for growing and learning. This DVD has a run time of approximately 50 minutes and features three grr-ific adventures – “Daniel’s Birthday,” “Daniel’s Picnic,” and “Neighbor Day.”
Dinosaur Train: Eggstravaganza DVD + Puzzle

“Dinosaur Train” embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains, while encouraging basic scientific thinking skills. This DVD features eight dino-mite adventures including “The Egg Stealer?,” where Buddy and Don stumble upon a mystery when they find unhatched eggs on their beach, and “Hatching Party,” where Buddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon ride the Dinosaur Train to attend an egg hatching party! The run time of this DVD is approximately 100 minutes.

Now not only can my kids enjoy their favorite DVD and shows, they can extend the fun with the show themed puzzles!  The puzzle are not only cute, but easy enough that my kids had no problem putting them together :)

#Disney #Sofia The First Holiday In Enchancia

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you Disney for providing a review copy.

Disney Sofia The First Holiday In Enchancia 

One thing I can always count on as a mom is that Disney will always make life long memories.  I remember as a little girl the first time I watched Toy Story with my brother and all the toys came to life, we both sat their with looks of awe in our face.  Later we took turns staying up at night spying on our toys to see if they came to life.
I seen that same awe look enter both my boys eyes the first time the seen Toy Story and every other Disney movie I have shared with them.
I could make an entire post about all the ways Disney has brought magic to my life, but today I want to focus on a newer show "Sofia The First"

Anyone who has seen this show knows how adorable and magical it is.  I can't fib even I sit down with Quinn during the day to watch :)!

Now there is even more ways to enjoy Sofia The First in her all new DVD Holiday In Enchancia!
Deck the halls and ring in the season! It may be the coldest day of winter, but it's also the warmest, merriest adventure ever for SOFIA THE FIRST. Welcome to the most magical time of the year! This is Sofia's first Winter Holiday in the castle with her new family, but when King Roland goes missing in a raging snowstorm, Sofia leads her mother, Amber and James on a brave expedition aboard a flying sleigh to find him. As the blizzard whirls around them, their hopes are nearly dashed -- until Princess Aurora appears and reminds Sofia that her animal friends might hold the key to finding her dad and reuniting the family. 
Sparkling with festive fun -- plus four additional song-filled episodes -- HOLIDAY IN ENCHANCIA celebrates the greatest gift of all: spending special days with the people you love!

Episodes include: 
1. Holiday in Enchancia 
2. Baileywick's Day Off 
 3. The Little Witch 
4. The Baker King 
5. Four's A Crowd 

My review:
I love that in each episode Sofia has to learn a lesson.  In Holiday in Enchancia she has to learn how it is better to give them receive.  
I think what my kids love most is the cute characters.  Even Amber who is some time hard to like always seems to pull through and do the right thing.  The songs are always fun and have both my kids singing along and the adventures Sofia has keeps them both intrigued and on the edge of their seat.
I love that the movie was short, with a 4 and 7 year old it is sometimes hard to keep their attention for an entire movie.  So the length was perfect for them.

If you wish to learn more please click my link below:

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The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up

I grew up in the 90's.  I also lived in the country and even though my brother and I played a lot outside, there were still many days (And nights) when we were stuck indoors.
My mom grew up in the city so she had herself convinced if we went out at night time a rabid deer was going to get us.....
Yes it was an interesting childhood lol.
But back to the point.
  During those times we would end up in front of the TV watching our favorite TV shows.  Those included, (not limited to) Loony Tunes, Pink Panther, Flintstones, Jetsons, Tom and Jerry and so many more!  I miss those cartoons and I wish there was an easy way to share them with my kiddos.
Cartoons are okay now, but when I was a kid they were worth getting excited over!
Even though I can't share them all with my kids I am excited to say I was finally able to share Tom and Jerry with them!  They are about to release (January 13) a new DVD The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2 Funny Side Up.
I was lucky enough to get an early review copy.

I was so excited and couldn't wait for my kids to see the high jinx of this beloved cat and mouse from my childhood.
Please tell me I am not the only one who always cheered for Tom to catch Jerry?!?!?

Two-Disc Set Includes Over Four Hours of New Tom and Jerry Cartoons
There’s more laughs, chases and races when everyone’s favorite cat and mouse duo storm back on the scene in TheTom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up,  brings the legendary antics of Tom and Jerry to an all-new animated TV series.The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up is comprised of 13 episodes.

The timeless adventures of Tom and Jerry are back in a brand-new TV show the whole family can enjoy! The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up features 13 exciting escapades featuring Tom and Jerry and their favorite pals, including Spike and Tuffy.  The pursuit takes off as Tom, Jerry and the gang fly through unfriendly skies in Just Plane Nuts. Detectives Tomand Jerry are on the case to find Spike’s missing dog bones in Bone Dry. Love is in the air when a mad scientist transports Tom and Jerry to Paris to meet a girl cat and a girl mouse in Molecular Break Up. Jerry and Tuffy cause havoc on a luxury cruise liner in Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’. These and several other hilarious episodes are featured in this entertaining set.

Originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom and Jerry emerged during Hollywood’s golden age of animation and became one of the most popular cartoon series in existence. The shorts focus on the never-ending rivalry between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. The plots of each short usually center on Tom’s attempts to capture Jerry. Jerry however, is clever and quick on his feet so Tom hardly ever manages to catch him.

Featured Shorts:

      Turn About/The Plight Before Christmas
   Tuffy Love/Poof!
   Top Cat/Mummy Dearest
     Domestic Kingdom/Molecular Break Up
         Just Plane Nuts/Pets Not Welcome
   Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’/Road Trippin’
      Magic Mirror/Bone Dry
      My Bot-y Guard/Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide
   Pipeline/No Brain, No Gain
   Cat Napped/Black Cat
         Hunger Strikes/Gravi-Tom
      Ghost Party/Cat-Astrophe
       Curse Case Scenario/Say Cheese

My kids LOVE it!  They keep asking me to buy them more Tom and Jerry Cartoons.  My little brother even came over to watch a few episodes with us.  (By the way he always cheered for Jerry as a kid!!)
My kids laughed, cheered and giggled their way through the episodes.  I loved Tom and Jerry as a child and as an adult I love them more, because they make my kiddos happy.

You can buy The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side up and other Tom and Jerry Show cartoons directly from WB
Please see the link below: