Stickerbrand Wall Art review

Stickerbrand Wall Art review

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to redo my bedroom.  My husband said I'm not allowed to paint the walls, change the flooring and I have to keep all my current furniture :(!  
At first I was bummed I really wanted to give my room a whole new feel, but with his rules I was really limited.  I did add a few decorations to my room and rearranged a little bit, but still I didn't have that wow factor.
That was until I discovered Stickerbrand Wall Art!  I could give my room a whole new feel without painting it!  And I can stick to my husband budget :)
I guess you are wondering what Stickerbrand is?!?!
Stickerbrand  offers stylish wall decal stickers for your interior walls. Imagine hiring an artist to paint your interior walls, but without the high price.  These decals are made to order!  Each designer takes their time making your piece just for you.
They come in so many different sizes and designs.  I'm going to show you the 3 I was able to review, but I want you to know they carry so many other decals.  They have a decal for every room in your house whether it be a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, kids room, or living room.  If you can imagine a place to put a decal they most likely have it.
Plus you can also have your decal in your choice of color, this way it matches whatever room you choose to put it in.

I want to show you how Stickerbrand took my walls from BLAH to WOW! 

First I want to show you  my favorite 

I love how my once blank wall now has a whole new feel!  This really pulls the whole room together!  The Creepy Tree came is 5 different pieces putting them together was really easy.  It took me maybe 30 minutes to apply this to my wall.  
I didn't stop there though!  As much as I loved Creepy tree I wanted more I really wanted to complete the look so I also added

I love how this decal looks like its coming out of my ceiling!  This one came in 2 pieces.  Again so easy to apply I think the Tree Branches took me 10 minutes to apply.

Now just so everyone knows I'm a huge brat and when I do something I go all out, I added a 3rd and final decal.

I had the Flower Leave Vines coming out of the corner of my wall.  I love how this completed the entire feel of my room.  I really wanted to give my room a haunted forest feel and with the help of Stickerbrand I did it :).  

The process is so simple.  First clean the wall where you want to put your decal.  Next you put your decal into place and peel off the paper back.  Your decal will come in-between 2 pieces of paper you peel off the NON sticky piece.

With the Decal now in place you need to get a hard card to scrape it onto your wall.  I used a credit card. After you are done this you slowly peel back the sticky paper back.  You have to do this slowly if any part of the decal is still stuck you simply put that part back into place and use your card to scrape a bit more.
And Ta-da you are done!  Your once boring wall  now has a beautiful work of art!  Applying your new decal is so easy.

I know my personality is different then most, but with all the different choices at Stickerbrand the possibilities are endless!  I promise you will find something you love and that you can make you interior walls as unique as you!
Want to learn more or find a decal for yourself?
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Disclaimer:  I was given the above products for the purpose of review I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.