Boutique Cascades Review and giveaway

Boutique Cascades Review and giveaway

Today on the Simply Me blog I want to tell you about a remarkable company that is taking a huge step in recycling!  The truth is our world can't keep going the way it is.  We waste so much, if we don't start making changes things are going to keep getting worse.
Companies like Boutique Cascades are making the necessary changes.  They are doing what they can today to make tomorrow better.  So I am proud to represent them on my blog :)
Cascades Boutique produces, markets and converts packaging products and tissue paper composed mainly of recycled fibers.   With over 33 years of experience they have been recovering material that would be otherwise sent to the landfill and giving them a 2nd life.
They makes items such as:

Cardboard Cooler Boxes

cardboard tissue trees
wrapping paper
tissue paper for the house
eco cubes
and so much more!

Another great item they have is kids play house and that is the item I was able to review!

My kids and I reviewed My Pretty Playhouse.

My pretty play house is made of 100% recycled material.  My kids were able to decorate it how ever their little hearts desired.  It was so easy to build.  The first day they played with it for hours, I had to serve them lunch at their My Pretty Playhouse.  They next day I cut them off at 3 hours I was getting a bit worried they were planning on moving in there!  They even had nap time in there!  

My kids love it and I love knowing that it came from Boutique Cascades!  A company I can feel good buying from.
This is just one of the kids items they carry they also have several other playhouse and kids furniture!

And right now 1 Simply me followers has the chance to win a My Pretty Playhouse!
You must be 18+ 

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.