Cable Turtle Organizer Review

Cable Turtle Organizer Review

Its that dreadful time of year again!
Spring Cleaning :(  Once a year for a week straight I clean and organize and basically go crazy for one full week.  The thing about Spring cleaning is some things are just impossible to organize.  I could make a whole list of things in my house I wish would just cooperate and be tidy, but that would take forever so today I'm going to narrow it down to one.  Cables, they are every where!  Whether it be computer cables, tv cables, lamps, appliances, game cords, phone cords etc.  I was going to count all the cables in my home, but I do have a life you know ;)

The thing with cables is you can wrap them up, but odds are they will unwind easily.  With little kids I hate having them lay around they are always a trip hazard.  That is where the Cable Turtle comes into play.  It easily wraps up those cables and keeps them into place.  Taking a once messy chaotic mess into a nice neat space.
They come in a few sizes I was able to review a mini, small and large.  I was also able to review a head phone sized Cable Turtle~

See below my computer wires, such a horrible mess.  I knew for this mess the large was going to be necessary   

I choose the wire that gives me the most grief which is the wire my husband uses for his game system.  I'm sure you can see just how much space it takes up.  I hate it most days I can't even put my feet under the desk with out getting wrapped up.

I'm sure you can see that pesty wire is now a thing of the past!  Look how much more organized it looks.  My husband swears he buying bunch of these to get rid of all the other wire mess down there too.

Next I wanted to use a Cable Turtle Organizer in my kitchen.  With so many appliance I feel like I have wires everywhere.  The 2 that annoy me the most are the toaster and can opener. After long debate I decided to use it on the can opener. The thing about my can opener is I also like to prep food in that area so I normally move it out of the way.  It is always such a pain trying to move it and not have that cord get into the way.  I used the small to handle the pesky wire.  

    I'm sure you can see a once in the way wire is now a thing of the past.

So I now showed you 2 ways Cable Turtle has helped organize my home.  One helped my husband and the other helped me.  I wanted to find a way it could also help my kids.  So I got the DS charger cord.  

The thing is always getting tangled because its just left laying out.  It took me 30 seconds to wrap this cord up.  So now my kids no longer have to worry about untangling! 

Last and not least is the head phone sized cable turtle.  Again my kids always have tangled cords.  Its enough to give me a headache!  

Again I was able to wrap my cord up in less the 30 seconds!  30 seconds of my life and now I will no longer have to take 20 minutes untangle their head phone cords.

No one likes cleaning and organizing.  We all have busy lives and I know I have a hundred other things I would prefer to be doing.  So when I do take the time to organize I want to make sure its done right the first time.  I don't want to clean up the same cord 20 times.  I want to do it once and be done with it.  Cable Turtle organizer makes that possible!  My husband is ordering more and my computer mess and his gaming mess (Play station, Xbox 360, WII and w/e else he has) will soon be a thing of the past :).
This mama has had enough of the clutter and mess and can't wait to see it gone!

Here are some facts about Cable Turtle:
~ Cable Turtle is designed to handle 1000W load
~ Perfect, indispensable solution for handling long electrical cords
~Mini, small and large sizes for all of your wire management needs
~ Durable, easily portable, fits multiple cable sizes
~ Great fit, great protection, looks great (comes in many colors to fit your personaly style)
~ Simple, no installation, just wrap around and snap shut (So easy even my hubby could do it ;)...)
And my personal favorite fact, they are so affordable!  Organization has never been so cheap :).

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Disclaimer:  I was given the above product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.