Sink Magic review

Sink Magic review


How many of us hate wasting time doing dishes??  Everyone...  I kinda figured that...  What if I told you that spending a long amount of time doing dishes could be a thing of the past. 
 It can and Sink Magic makes that possible.  No it doesn't wash your dishes for you :).
This gadget will become one of you new favorite household items.   
What Sink Magic does is stops the water from draining out of your sink.  Making it possible for you to retain your water and soak your dishes!  I know you are most likely thinking ....  ummm yeah this isn't anything new sink plugs been around forever.  Well sink magic has a better design and is more convenient.  

It is long and sticks out above your water line.  So many time I've made my water to hot or to cold and don't want to reach my hand into the water to drain it.  With sink magic the top part sticks out so all I have to do is grab that and pull out. :)  OOO and the top has nice little drain holes so you will never have to worry about your sink over flowing.  Sink Magic is designed that water simply goes into the top air holes and down to your drain.  How awesome is that!!  You will save money from not having to keep your water running.  And dish washers take forever to clean dishes sometimes I don't have forever to wait for my dishes to be clean!
Okay I can talk about this for hours, but I really think it would be easier to show you :).

Step one you have to put your Sink Magic into place.  You first wet the bottom and then simply place in your sink hole.

 Fill your sink with water and dirty dishes.  I left mine sit for 30 minutes in that time I was able to start dinner and clean my kitchen counters!  So already Sink Magic was helping me!

See how clean they look just from soaking!!  I basically had to clean nothing off and the few things I did have to clean, wiped off so easily!!  I'm so impressed with sink magic and can't believe all the time I save doing dishes!  

Oh and I wanted to make sure I wasn't fibbing when I said your sink won't over flow.....  SO I purposely tried to over flow my sink!!  But Sink magic worked perfectly all the water went into the air holes and down my drain :)  Sink magic really is amazing.

We are busy moms.... and dads  we deserve all the help we can get.  Dishes happen to be my least favorite household task so the fact Sink Magic now makes this task so much easier to me makes it a must have item.

Want to see a video on how it works, watch this video from the Sink Magic Sponsors:
Sink Magic youtube video

Want to learn more about Sink Magic?  See my link below:
Sink Magic 

Please note in my review the top of my Sink Magic was really close to the edge of the sink.  I just found out there is a way to make Sink Magic smaller so its not so close to the edge.  You do this by boiling and compressing about 1 inch and immersing in cold water to set semi permanently. This can be more beneficial because the water will not be easily spill outside the side and you can wash dishes way faster.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.