NuShape Giveaway

NuShape Giveaway

I'm getting ready to start a new weight loss journey with NuShape!  

All-natural NuShape works with your body’s own chemistry.  NuShape is a all-natural combination of Vitamin B6 and an essential amino acid called Leucine.  Together, they work as one with your body’s normal chemistry to prolong the positive effects of exercise. NuShape's unique formulation taken daily gives your body a natural boost of energy.  What it does is convinces your body cells to let go of the fat they've been hoarding.  This is an important part of losing weight.  Even when we exercise our body insist on holding onto its fat, with the help of NuShape our body will let this fat go and use it as energy to fuel your lean muscle.
By taking NuShape’s fat burning tablets twice a day and by exercising for 15 minutes my body can burn up to 3X‘s the number of calories it would have been able to without NuShape!!
What use to be a normal walk is now so much more with the help of NuShape.

I'm super excited to start this Journey with NuShape..... 
 And one Simply Me Follow has the chance to try Nushape too!!!
Here is how it is going to work.  I have not tried the product yet.  I plan to start today.  The first bottle is a 30 day count I will use it   and at the end of the 30 days post my results.  
I will also run a 30 day giveaway starting today and in my 2nd post I'll announce the winner!  (and send them an email of course)
I will then try my 2nd bottle and at the end of those 30 days (all together 60 days) I will post my final results :)

So as of right now I weigh.....  shh tell no one  165 pounds! :(  I know shameful at 5' 2"  that is way to much!!  I'm really excited to be able to use NuShape and drop these extra pounds.  
I only tell you my weight because you are my followers and you have the right to know what I started at :).  I'm really hoping NuShape works and that in a month from now I will be posting amazing results.
I'm done making excuses its time to get serious about my weight issue.

Now lets get onto the giveaway
You must be 18+ and live in the continental USA
Here is the bottle you can win Same as mine of course :)

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Disclaimer:  I was given the product above for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review