Review for Harper Grace Baby

Harper Grace

Harper Grace makes shopping for baby and mom so much easier!  They are a one stop shop that has it all!
Harper Grace is made of 3 boutiques that are designed to take a mother through pregnancy, the birth of her child and then keep her and her child in a safe healthy environment.  They emphasis on being "green / eco-friendly" and providing mom and baby the best!
I will tell you a little bit about each boutique.  The photos I provide are right from the site.  I was so amazed at how beautiful everything was  that it was really hard to choose which ones to post in the review. ~ Harper Grace Baby carries so many beautiful good quality items it is hard to pick out a favorite!  They really do carry everything you need for your baby and toddler!  Toys, furniture, clothing, nursery items, christening, diaper bags, skin care, ect... 
They cover it all!  
The wonderful woman who runs this company has made sure everything is safe!  So not only do you get top quality items you also get the reassurance that they are not harmful to your family.

  I love how beautiful and unique everything is.  I will post a few photos of items from Harper Grace Baby:

These are only a few of the amazing items you will Find at Harper Grace Baby!  I'm sure now you know why I had a hard time picking a favorite item!!  Everything is so unique and amazing!  It is a mother running the Boutique and she has so much passion and love for what she does!  She puts a lot of heart and dedication to only putting the best items on Harper Grace Baby.
I had to check out  after seeing the amazing items at Harper Grace Baby!   I was again so amazed by the beautiful and unique items!  One of the things I love most at Harper Grace maternity is that it carries  hybrid diaper bags.  Diaper bag, purse and work bag all in one!

These diaper bags are AZO free and use no Phthalates/DEHP orDBP in their PVC!!  No harmful chemicals!  So many diaper bags contained theses chemicals and we don't even know it!! 
Harper Grace again focusing on being green and keeping Mama and baby safe going above and beyond to provide only the best!
Here are a few great items Harper Grace Maternity offers:

I love the fact that everything is so pretty!  I know finding maternity clothing and items to wear after having a baby can be so hard and then to find clothing that is cute and comfortable is impossible!  Harper Grace maternity offers both and it is so convenient to order online!
Harper Grace Organics which is still in the works will have a range of organic items for baby and adult - and home items.  I'm so excited for this shop and will make sure to make a future post when it is up and running.

I was giving the chance to review The Le BeBe Coo Skin care line offered at Harper Grace.  I shall provide photos from the website of the items I reviewed.
 Creme Pour Petits Derrieres - Diaper Ointment
I love the fact that it does not have a harsh smell.  I know some diaper rash creams smell horrible, but this had no smell.  I did not get to test this item on an actually diaper rash yet because my son did not have diaper rash.  But I did put it on my skin and it was not greasy and left my skin feeling smooth.
 Baume Pour Les Levres De Bebe - Baby Lipstick 
This is made with all natural ingredient and can be used to protect lips from the sun.  It has an amazing scent :)  here is a list of the ingredients 
Shea Butter
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
I love this I used this item on both my kids and I.  It made my lips really smooth and  like I said before I LOVE the scent!  I know that sounds crazy because it is lip care, but every time I put it on I just can't get over how good it smells :)
 Shampoing Sublimateiur De Couleur - Color Enhancing Tear - Free Shampoos - Brunette
The Le Bebe Coo shampoo is custom formulated to hair color!  This is a one of a kind shampoo line that is formulated to protect your child's hair and yet cleanses.  I also used this and it worked in my hair too, so a shampoo that is useable by both mama and baby :)  
Amino Acids
Aloe Leaf Juice
Pro Vitamin B5
Vitamin E
Sweet Almond
Last but not least I tried the Apres - Shampoing Demelant Sans Rincage - Leave - In Conditioner Detangler
I sprayed this in my sons hair and it made combing so much easier!  It is lotion based and really moisturizes hair.  I also used this and was very impressed :)  I loved that my hair was not greasy afterwards and so much easier to brush through!!


So I guess you can tell I'm very impressed with Harper Grace Baby, but as a blogger I get to do something that I wouldn't normally be able to do as a consumer.  I got to  know the person behind the company and with Harper Grace Baby I got to know an amazing woman.
She is a mother herself and is very passionate about Everything that goes on Harper Grace.  She dedicates many hours to make sure only the best goes on her site.  She gets up early every day, she uses her lunch time, and at night when her family goes to bed she is on the computer working on Harper Grace.  That is dedication!  When she was talking to me about her site I could see the passion she felt for each and every item.  I was so amazed at how much thought and consideration she has invested into this.  
Harper Grace is one amazing mother bringing great items to other amazing mothers!   Who better to buy from?

If you would like to visit Harper Grace boutiques and check out some of these amazing items for yourself here our the links below:  (Still a work in progress.)

Of if you have any questions for me about my experience I will do my best to answer.

Disclaimer:  I received the Le bebe coo items for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way for my review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.