A HOT review

Ashley Food Company
Mad Dog Review

 So who out there loves hot sauce? 
Well forget everything you think you know about hot sauce, because the truth is you haven't had real hot sauce until you try the Mad dog kind!
I took these 2 facts right from the website...
~The Ashley Food Company has just re-released Mad Dog Inferno – the first sauce ever declared “World’s Hottest Sauce” in a national competition in 1998.
~ If you want to lose weight, eating hot peppers as part of your diet can help, says David Ashley, founder and President of Ashley Food Company. Studies have shown that hot peppers can curb appetite, burn fat, and inhibit fat cell growth. Ashley Food Company’s all-natural products, such as Envy, are high in hot pepper content, delivering a good dose of the diet benefits of peppers.

The Inferno sauce made my hubby cry....  well okay maybe it only made his eyes water ;)
Its good though!  My hubby said even though its so hott you can still taste the amazing flavors.  He ate this on everything wings, pizza, subs.. ect
We had quite a few bottles to try and I wanted more then just his opinion so he took them to work.  They had a blast that day at lunch.
One man (my hubby calls him the sissy 1) claims he couldn't handle it.  
Everyone else loved it!  They did use is sparsely though.  But they were def. a hit where my husband works.
My hubby said out of all the things he put it on the wings were his favorite:

Everyone loves these hot sauces, but they all warned me they are HOT!  So with everything I said I'm sure you noticed I didn't give you my opinion of the hot sauce.  Its because I was to much of a sissy to even try ;)  Yes according to my hubby I am sissy 2. 
I did get the chance to try the BBQ sauces though!
 It has a hot kick to it.  But the flavor was amazing!  Unlike hot sauce BBQ is a bit more limited in what you can put it on or eat it with.  So I made Wings :)  Below you will see Mad Dog Chipotle BBQ wings.  I LOVED them.  Like I said the flavors blew me away.  Everything is unique and unlike any BBQ sauce I've ever tasted before.  Oh and it tasted good on the potatoes you see on my plate too :)
 So I bet your hungry now :)  And wondering where can you get these amazing sauces for yourself!
See my link below and you can find all the information you want on the ashleyfoodcompany

Just beware my hubby said its very addicting and you wont be able to stop eating it!!

Disclaimer:  I received these products for the purpose of review all opinions are my own.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.