12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas Savannah's blog gave to me....

I got nothing that comes in fives lol its to close to Christmas my brain isn't working right!

But I do want to give a huge shout out to an AMAZING woman and company!  I've mentioned this company a few times before, but its just because I'm so amazed by them!
So for the 5th day of Christmas I'm going to be telling you about Button Flowers!
With 5 fun facts!  See I did work 5 into this post ;)

1) The link of course Button-Flowers 
                   So you can see them for yourself :)
2)  All orders are made as the individual creates them!  Your button flower arrangement will reflect who you are!  They are never the exact same arrangements! They are as original as you are! 
3)  An arrangement can be made for almost any thing!  Christmas, football, Valentine's Day!!  The possibilities are endless.
4)  Unlike a real flower A Button flowers lives forever :)! 
5) A photo of course so you can see for yourself how amazing they are!

 So be sure to check them out today!