The things that make you... YOU :)

I bet you are wondering whats with the weird title....  Well lately I've been thinking about my kids and how lucky I am to have them!  I started thinking of all the sweet funny things they do that make them special....
Some of these things drive me nuts and others put a smile on my face.  But either way they are the tiny things that make my boys who they are :)
1) They take all the DVD's out of the box and put millions of finger marks on them.  And then put them back, but since they can't read none of them are in the right box!
2) I don't think they actually play with toys I think they just like to dump them out of the bins.  Quinn my little sweet heart likes to clear out the toy bin so he has a place to sit..

3) All water of any kind must be splashed and smeared and made into total Chaos.  Yes this mean tub water, the dog dish, puddles, oh and tooth brushes must be flicked at each other to cause as much damage as possible :)
4) The word WHY is to be used with total abandonment and heaven for bid I don't have the answer to something because the world as we know it may end.

5) And if I am talking to someone and don't answer them the first time they say "mom" that means they must say mom in several different tones of voice.  Jump up and down and pull on my arm until they have my complete attention....  At which time they normally ask me who I am talking too 
6) Speaking of talking to someone..... Every person I say hi to or smile at... I must know their full name and history other wise I'm fraternizing with strangers.  And according to Binky that is a no no!  7) Oh and names.  They don't use them.... Instead they refer to people as that weird guy who laughs funny or the grumpy old man who needs a hair cut!  My poor in-laws.... lol 

8) After bath time they must dance on my bed in just their undies singing/screaming I'm Elmo and I know it...  Bed time is not an option until this happens.
 9) Oh and speaking of sleep when space is limited stacking is permitted! ;)
10) Chucky E Cheese is the greatest place on Earth!  Or so I'm told ;)
11) When left alone with silver markers they will draw on the dogs!  Poor Lucy lol
12) I know they know how to eat.... yet I get this
and this
and this
Oh and FYI that was both my boys!  Don't they look so much alike in photos??  Top 2 food photos were Brandon Jr when he was younger last one is of Quinn.
13) But no matter what they make me laugh.  They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face.  My boys are everything to me and I cherish them each and every day <3 

Speaking of my boys its time for bed!!  Good night everyone :)