~From my~ My not so extreme couponing. Couponing for the realistic~tab~

*From My* not so extreme couponing. Couponing for the realistic *Tab*


Page will be dedicated to my coupon addiction.  I don't have huge stock piles, this is more for the realistic couponers out there.
For anyone who does like to coupon, binders are a must to stay organized, also it is a good idea to put tabs at the top of you pages to let you know what is there.  For my pages I like the plastic ones that have slots for each coupon.
Day of shopping take the coupons you plan to use out of your binder and put in a separate envelope will make your trip much easier. (Easier is better when you have a 4 year old and a 1 year old with you)
Okay today is for my trip to my local giant in PA so anyone from around my area pay attention :)  And don't forget the gas points you can earn.

Our giant has a deal right now that you can buy $20 worth of Pepsi product and get back a $7 coupon after check out!
Do this!  Soda can be kept for awhile and the bottom line is you will use it.  This way you get it cheaper.
$Paid $20 got back $7  So $13 for ~3 20 packs of soda and a 6 bottle pack of Soda.

I did this and used my $7 coupon on my next purchase.

Beneful dog food on sale 2/$9 use $2 coupon and get it for $2.50
Half and half country time drink mix is on sale also and part of the gas points special use coupon for $1 off
country light mix also part of the gas point special use $1 coupon
A-1 Sauce 10 oz also part of the gas point special use coupon for $1 off coupon
Kraft fresh take meals on sale 2/$5  also part of the gas point special use $.75 coupon which giant adds .25
Finally use the $7 dollar coupon you got from the Pepsi deal with all your other coupons and after everything is said and done you get
$24.93 worth of stuff for 6.70 (this is not including what you paid for soda)
But wait it gets better, to top it off you will earn 213 gas points in this one transaction which is $0.20 off per gallon of gas!!