Mom 101 The Dragon, the dentist and the Silver Marker!?!??!

The Dragon, the dentist and the Silver Marker!?!??!

Today 5/29 my 4 year old son Brandon explained to me why him and his brother Quinn my 1 year old can not go to the dentist tomorrow...  here was our conversation
First off "There is going to be a dragon there and we won't be able to get by him."  Warned my 4 year old.
                   I explained "I'm not afraid of dragons and I'll demand he lets us by."
"Well then" said my 4 year old "its raining and Quinn (my 1 year old) can't swim."
               I explained "I can swim and carry Quinn."
At this point my 4 year old was getting frustrated and told me
"The dentist called and said she is sick and will not be at work."
               I told him "well I called her back and she feels better now and told us to come in."
Finally having enough of me my 4 year old said very calmly, "mom between the dragon, the flood and the sick dentist I don't think Quinn should go and he can't stay home alone so I will stay with him."
:)  I love these conversations with my 4 year old, he has a huge imagination!  I love that in his mind dragons and magic are real.  I miss the good old days when my only worry was if my mom packed cookies in my lunch!!  
I plan on writing more of me and my 4 year old's conversations I hope you enjoy them 

Today I lost my silver marker 5/30.

Today I lost a silver marker and could not find it anywhere!  After looking for a bit I gave up and deemed it POW :)  
A half hour later my 4 year old gives it to me and says "here mom I found it."  
Thinking nothing of it I said "thank you!"


20 minutes later I looked at my black lab and could not figure out what was wrong she looked weird......
Because my 4 year old decided to draw silver eye brows on her!!!
 When I asked "why"  he told me:
"I wanted to make her look fancy."

Hope this made you smile!!