Mom 101: The Chair of Doom

The Chair of Doom

As you all know by now my son how a very unique way of thinking, I wanted to post this story earlier but am just finally getting the chance now.  Be ready to laugh.

Last week me and my family went to the beach, our hotel room had a public deck with really nice rocking chairs. 
 I took my kids out and left my hubby take a shower in our room.  Well after I sat down I realized my rocking chair was sitting wrong, that our stroller with my 1 year old in it wouldn't fit in front of me.  So I moved the chair and it made a noise like well you know the noise it makes!!!  A farting noise......  
 Anyway my sons whispers really loudly,
"Mom should we pretend it was the chair or should I act like there is a duck in the room."  With a bright red face I said to my son.
"Hun it was the chair now shush."
My son make a really obnoxious wink at me, gives me a thumbs up  and says
"Okay mom whatever you say."  Then he turns to the old couple sitting next to us and tells them.  "Sorry my mom has gas oh I mean it was the chair............"  Then he proceeds to wink at them too!
 The couple laughed hysterically, I on the other hand was bright red and ready to hurt my husband for not hurrying and coming to my rescue lol  
But to top it off (and trust me I would never cheat on my hubby but this was hard not notice.)  there was a really cute guy sitting on the deck too....  And I mean super cute!!!   :(  and yes he laughed too!

~~I remember as a teenager when my mom showed all my boyfriends embarrassing photos of me......  I get it now, it was revenge!!~~

Hope this post made you smile :)