Bubbles Bath Boutique review

 Bubbles Bath Boutique: A Review of my recent purchase! :)

A few weeks ago I wrote a review for a product that I won from the Bubble Bath Boutique here is the link to the review in case you didn't get a chance to read it: http://www.savannahmiller1987.blogspot.com/2012/06/bubbly-review-bubbles-bath-boutique.html

I was so excited about finding this product and about how much I liked it that I went to the store and bought more items to try! 

I ordered the orange creme pop and the Lifes a beach bath bomb.  I'm sure your can see for yourself how amazing these items look!  And I can tell you how amazing they smelled :)  

The orange creme pop had an amazing citrus orange aroma with a lovely creme smell mixed in.  I loved how creamy it was when lathered and that even afterward my skin felt super soft.  The scent stays with you too, I still smelled like oranges and cream later on that day :)  And not an over-powering perfume smell, but a really pleasant natural fragrance.

Visually I'm sure you can see for your self how super cute and creative this is.  And its a great size I got my mine a few days ago and I still have some left!!  And fair warning I take 2 or 3 baths a day ;)!!   They also have cupcake soap in their sweet shoppe I plan on buying soon :)

Taste............. LOL No I know it looks that good, but I did not taste it ;)

 Next was the Lifes a beach bath bomb.  I loved how much fizz action I got out of this!  It turned my tub water a pretty pinkish color and it smelled amazing, it is a mixture of several different scents that blend together to make a pleasing beach smell.  My bathroom actually held this smell for a bit as did my skin!

And if you interested in buying these are on sale right now!  But hurry because they are almost gone to make room for her new bath bomb line.  

Also the bubble bath bar (I wrote a review a few weeks ago, link up top) those are on sale too :)

Here is the shoppe info:


This review is my opinion I purchased these items for myself. :)