A Bubbly Review: Bubbles Bath Boutique

I recently won a prize from the Bubbles Bath Boutique!  And I loved it!

The Bubble Bath Boutique is run by the wonderful Caron, her store has an amazing variety of bath products some of which are homemade soaps, bath bombs, baskets, and a beautiful treat selection!  All of which can be found here:   http://bubbles-bath-boutique.com/

~~The item I won was a Baby Breath Bubble Bath Bar it exceeded my expectations.  The scent was divine and after my bath my skin felt smoother.  It was very generously sized so I broke it several times and got a few uses out of it.  Each time the results were the same the same amazing scent and the super smooth skin which was caused by the cocoa butter.  It got to the point where I couldn't wait until bath time :)!~~

She also has a blog which can be found here:  http://bubbles-bath-boutique.blogspot.com/

So if you are in the mood to make bath time heavenly check out the Bubble Bath Boutique!



All opinions are my own, I received this item in a giveaway.