Mom 101. Pizza Anyone

Pizza anyone? 

from 6/5 (From the beautiful mind of a 4 year old tab)

Today me and my kids got our haircut.  Yes we all get our haircut the same day from the same woman :)  Anyway my boys were really good so I decided to treat them to pizza.  I asked my 4 year old 

"What kind of pizza do you want?"  He pondered for a minute or two and then replied.
"Mom lets get your favorite kind of pizza."  I liked the way this sounded :)  So I told my 4 year old.
"My favorite topping is pepperoni."  A look of pure horror crossed my 4 year old's face and he told me.
"Okay mom we can get pepperoni, but make sure you tell them to pick off all the pepperoni me and Quinn (my 1 year old.) hate them."  I raised my eye brow and asked my son.
"So I should just get a plain pizza."  He shook his head, and in all earnest replied.
"Mom some times I think you just like being difficult..........."   

Does anyone else see the irony? 

lol needless to say we got plain pizza!  But I thought it was cute my 4 year old thought getting a plain pizza was more difficult, as opposed to his suggestion of getting a pepperoni and then asking for all the pepperonis to be removed.

I love you Brandon Jr.