The post is for you Rocky! Write a Post and Help a Dog! By Pedigree

Today I found a wonderful hop going on.  Its Write a post and help a dog hop and I'm honored to take part in it.

The amazing people at Pedigree are committed to help shelter dogs.  Pedigree helps with adopting and finding Shelter dogs loving homes.  And for every blog that makes a post before midnight Saturday June 30 2012 Pedigree will donate a 17 lb bag of Pedigree Dry dog food to a shelter in need.
I know many of you may not know this but, January 12 of this year 2012 I lost my dog Rocky :(  and I miss him every single day.  What made Rocky so special was he was my rescue dog.  I remember that day I remember seeing so many dogs and wishing I could take them all home.  And then I seen him the first time I met Rocky he stole my heart.  It was my 19th birthday and my dad said I could get a puppy, but I wanted a shelter dog.  And trust me it was love at first sight!  Here is a photo of Rocky:

Rocky was an amazing dog and no words I write here will ever express the love I felt for him.  I had him even before my kids or before I married my hubby he was the first member of my family.  So this post is for Rocky.  And all other shelters dogs like him.  May they find loving homes and families like my Rocky did.  

For more info on how to write a post and help a dog check out this website: