A Christmas in July Recipe

A Christmas In July Recipe  

Sorry I have not posted a recipe in a long time.  Summer is always a busy time for my family.  T-Ball,  toddler soccer,my husband plays on a church softball league, I help my dad with his make a wish girls softball team.  And then add on top of it vacations, ice cream, picnics ect ect ect :)  So needless to say I'm sure you all ready know sure is BUSY!  But since it is Christmas in July I though I would post my favorite Christ dessert :)  Cheese cake!!!
Super Easy Cheese cake recipe!
What you need:
1 package of cream cheese
1 8oz contaniter of cool whip
1 cup Sugar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract  
1 Pie crust
Mix cream cheese, cool whip, sugar and vanilla together.  Then put in pie crust.  Set in fridge to set and cool.

See I told you it was super easy :)
You can add Oreo's to the batter and make Oreo cheese cake.  Or strawberries or anything you want!  A neat thing I do to make it look nice, is I make an extra batter put it into a sandwich bag cut off the corner of the bag and go around the edge of my pie and make little piles(looks cuter then it sounds.)  Then If I make an Oreo cheese cake I take an Oreo and crumble it on top all over the pie.  Sadly I have no photos to share I promise this Christmas to take a photo and share it with you all. :)