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Baby Harmony
A safer way to clean!
I recently contacted baby Harmony and asked if I could do a review for their company, and when I got an email back saying yes I was beyond excited!  I could not wait to tell you all about this company!! 
    First I want to tell you a little bit about the company.  It was founded by a grandmother who wanted to find a natural and safe product that was also effective.  So that was how it all started a grandmother on a mission to keep her grandchildren safe from harmful cleaning toxins.  Baby Harmony's products have no fragrances or scents of any kind!  No essential oils that may cause an allergic reaction.  No dyes or toxic fumes, nothing that may be dangerous for our kids.  All of Baby Harmony ingredients come from plants, food-grade preservatives and purified water!  They are all eco-friendly.  So I would say that grandmother has definitely succeeded!  As if not having the product be so amazing already each of the bottles are 100% recyclable!
So I bet your wondering yeah that all sounds good.... But does it work?  Will my house be clean using these products?  

YES they work and yes your house will be clean.  But no only will it be clean it will be safe and pure clean :)   

If you are like me you worry about what you use around your kids.  I'm always worried about the cleaners I use and what exactly is in them!  I know I had a few times where I had to stop cleaning my bathroom because the cleaners were just to strong for me, an adult and it always worried me what am I using around my kids?  What am I putting into their environment?!
 Well not with Baby Harmony, there was no over powering toxic smell!  It just smelled clean and pure!  Even looking at the fluid you can tell it is pure.  I was beyond impressed and for a minute din't not even know where to start testing!  So I began with the one thing I know I hate using cleaner on, my kids toys!!  With a 1 year old I know it all goes into his mouth.



   Here is the toy and high chair cleaner.  I sure you can see from the photo no dyes were used in this cleaner this is just pure clean.

This is my vintage pony, yes the one from the 1980's.  My 2 little boys like to draw on her and all sorts of other things.  When I suggest we should sit down and maybe brush her hair they look at me like I'm crazy.  So needless to say she took some abuse over the years I'm sure you can see that.

Just one spritz of the toy and high chair cleaner and she was 100% clean!  No horrible cleaner smell, I didn't have to worry about my 1 year old putting it in his mouth.  I was so impressed I went on a toy cleaning spree!

 Next I tested the floor cleaner.  I was very impressed that I got that many bubbles!  (Bucket above.)  I did not think that I would get bubbles to be honest.  So I was very impress when I go so many bubbles :)
  The spots you see on the floor are curtsey of my 2 dogs Emma and Lucy!  Strangely enough I was excited when they made this mess because I got to put the floor cleaner to test!
:)  And yes I was impressed it came right up!  And again no harsh smell, no having to worry about my kids.  

 Next I tested the dish and bottle wash!  Again I was so impressed with the bubbles! 

 I thought to best show you how good this worked I would use it on my toughest dish!  The dreaded pizza cutter! 

Again I was left amazed!  I did not have to scrub hard and again I was not assaulted by harsh smells.  

I know I keep repeating about the harsh smells but really all the toxic in cleaners is what made me seek out a safe cleaning alternative!  And I truly thought that  if they don't have certain ingredients they won't clean.....  I WAS SO VERY WRONG!  Baby Harmony proved to me that there is a safe and pure way to clean!  I truly understand there name, Baby Harmony, you get to have your house clean and also get to keep your Harmony knowing your not putting unsafe chemicals in your house!  I will list the rest of the products I used and try to included as much as I can about my experiences with them! 

The Glass cleaner
I tried really hard to take before and after photos of my bedroom mirror but the flash and the glass would not allow it!  So I will just tell you it left no streaks and removed all the smudges.  I also loved the fact it only took 1 spritz to get my whole mirror clean!

Stain remover
I actually used the stain remover on the rug it is sitting on.  Not so much because it had stains more because my dogs like to sleep on it, so I wanted to remove any dog odors/germs it may have drawn in.  And it did!   I sprayed a few times and scrubbed with a cleaning towel, I was actually surprised at how dirty my rug really was.  It does smell better and I was happy I didn't have to worry about spraying harmful chemicals where my pups sleep.

 I used the All- Purpose on everything! 
 My kitchen table, my counter top, my hubby doesn't know this but I even used it on his flat screen tv :)  Yes I know I'm not suppose to use cleaner on it, but I trusted this cleaner I knew it be safe to use! 
It clean everything I used it on with ease. 

Next I used the carpet and upholster spot remover.  As any pet owner knows dogs can be messy.  And no matter how many times you tell them to get off and stay off they just don't.  The same day my dogs made the mess on my kitchen floor they also jumped on the couch and left me some pretty paw prints..... Again it was okay because I really was excited to try my new products.  The spot remover handled with little effort from.  A few sprays and little bit of rubbing and all the paw prints were eliminated!

The tub and tile cleaner was my favorite!  As I mention earlier cleaning my bathroom has always been my most hated spot to clean.  I hated being in a closed in area with such harsh chemical smells.  But with Baby Harmony its now a thing of the past.  NO harsh smells and my bathroom was clean!

 I no longer have to be afraid to wash my little ones hands because the hand soap is pure and safe!


I used both the Pure and Free Laundry Wash and the non chlorine bleach.  And both worked amazingly.  No dyes no over powering scent.  And my family's clothes were clean.  My kids don't have skin problems but my brother does he breaks out from a lot of Laundry detergents.  I have complete faith that Baby Harmony's Laundry Wash would not be harmful to his skin.  I asked him if I could do his laundry too see....  He was a bit to excited to have someone do his Laundry ;)  but anyway I was right he didn't break out!   

Sorry the photo didn't come out.  But this is 

Harmony Essential Oils

If you want you can add this to your cleaners.  I reviewed the Lavender it had a very nice smell and I did add it to my glass cleaner to test it.  It was not an over powering scent it was just a pleasant natural smell.  

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So next time you want a safe and pure clean, remember Baby Harmony!

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Disclaimer:  I received these products for the purpose or reviewing. I was not paid in anyway.  All opinions are my own are based on my experience.