BlankZ review and a Giveaway 7/10-7/24 Midnight

My BlankZ review

Recently I had the chance to do a review on a BlankZ toy.  My family received the Bare Hare.  Wonder what a BlankZ is?  
  BlankZ is the most creative toy there is, because YOU create it!  Not only that but you can re-create over and over again, because its machine washable!!  There is no limit to your BlankZ.  One day it can be a girl, the next a boy.  One day a pirate, the next a super hero.  The possiblities are un-limited!    

With each BlankZ toy you get 1 BlankZ, 5 non-toxic markers, and a back drop.  Right now there is 7 BlankZ toys to choose from: Ele-Faint, No Bully, Bare Hare, Bare, Bloink, White hound, and Un-Sealed.

My son had a blast designing this.  He just couldn't get over the fact that I actually wanted him to draw on a toy!  Normally I"m telling him not to, so when I handed him the markers and told him to give his Bare Hare a face, he was so excited!

 My son wasted no time once he realize I really wanted him to draw on a toy.  First our Bare Hare needed a face.

Next the Hare got an outfit.  It started off as a girl, but half way through my son decided that it would be a boy.  I'm not sure why, but hey he was creating it so I figured he knew best :)

 I would like you all to meet, as my son named him,  
Fred T. Fluffy Tail!!

Yes my son gave him a name and for the whole day we all had to call him by this name :)!!

Sorry I love this photo and could not resist posting it, I told my son to smile like Fred T. Fluffy Tail, and this was the result!

After a day or so my son decided it was time to change Fred and the washer test was put into motion!

 This is Bare Hare after the washing machine :)  I'm very impressed.  He came completely clean.  No traces of Fred were left!  My son was also excited by the fact he had another chance to design his BlankZ.
(I helped my son with this designed.)  We were going to a party and my son said his BlankZ had to dress fancy.....  After several minutes of deciding what color shirt he was going to wear and if he was going to wear a tie or bow tie, Mr. Fancy Ears was born.  My son took him to our party and showed him off to everyone :)  Mr.Fancy Ears is currently in my wash, my son is going to a water park this week and said his BlankZ had to wear a swim suit!

My son really enjoyed this toy and was very proud of each of his designs.  I like the fact that I can keep re-washing it.  It like getting a new toy with out having to pay more money.  

If you want more information you can check the links below:

Or if you want to ask me any questions about my family's and mine Experience please feel free to :).

Now time for the giveaway 

The amazing BlankZ company have agreed to let me do a giveaway so you could have a chance to win your own BlankZ.  I will list rules below.
 Here are some rules do not ignore! 
 Giveaway is opened to the US and you must be 18+ to enter.
It is a rafflecopter giveaway, it is mandatory to leave a comment with your favorite blankZ also right after that there will be two +3 entries you must do one of them.  You have to either like BlankZ on facebook or follow them on twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I recived this toy for the purpose of reviewing.  All opinion are my own and based on my family's and my experience.