Dinner: Round 1 fight!!!

Dinner: Round 1 fight!!!

Picky Eaters?

Quinn my youngest can't get to the table fast enough to start eating, my 4 year old runs from the table.
Brandon Jr has always been a picky eater!  At times meals felt like a battle trying to get him to eat something!  Tempering, crying, pushing food off the plate, holding his breathe.... You name it and it most likely happened at my table.  I remember thinking one day meals should not be this stressful!  And I decided it was time for a change.  But how???

Did you ever hear the saying 'Don't play with your food....'
If you are a strong believer of that then don't finish reading, turn back now before its to late ;)

That is right I made meal time fun time and I'm going to share with you a few of the things I did.
1) Let them come up with a name for something.  For example I have recipes in my recipe box by the name 'Crazy Binky Chicken' (stuffed chicken breast), 'monster mash' (garlic mash potatoes), and my personal favorite crunchy munchy chicken  (chicken parm.).
2)  Let them help make dinner, even if it is something as simple as handing you things you need.  My son gets so excited when he helps with dinner.  Better yet he is so proud of himself at how much better everything taste when he helps ;)  according to him anyway...
3) My last bit of advice is play with your food......  I don't really mean play with it I just mean make food fun.  Look below for some of my ideas!
 Sandwiches with a silly face.
I also do olives for the eyes and if we are eating subs I will make it a snake and have a piece of boloney sticking out like a tongue.  Subs can also be made into boats with cheese and a toothpick making a sail.
 Or shape finger sandwiches.  I used cookie cutter to makes these.  The extra don't go to waste I normally eat it :)  or the hubby.
 Race cars!  My son loves this and all I do is arrange the fruit different and make track lines with ranch!  So easy :)
 Fruit kabobs.  I don't use kabob sticks I don't want my kids to get hurt with them.  So my alternative is to use bendy straws.  You can use all sort of fruit for this too.  My kids also love banana chunks on here too.
 I"m not telling you to feed you kids powder sugar alone!!  I just wanted to show you the shapes  can be used to make designs on pancakes like this.  I was just too lazy to whip together pancakes so I just put it on a plate :)  Also if you don't want to give your kids powder sugar you can chop up fruit and put them in the shape.  My kids  love it.

For anyone with a picky eater I know how hard it is!  I been there and fought many dinner battles....  I even lost a few and just made them whatever they wanted, Yes I am a mommy and I'm not perfect.... ;)!  My best advice is keep trying new things, I tried at least 30 different things before I found these tricks to help with my picky eater.  I do have other fun dinner tricks to play with food, maybe as I make them I will post them on my blog.

Wishing you lots of luck with your picky eater!  Hope these help.