Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mom 101. Growing up. Growing Pains.

Growing up.

Growing pains.

Does anyone else ever compare their kids baby photos to more recent photos?  Every time I do I get myself so upset that my little boys are growing up on me.  I thought I would share my sons now and then photos with you :)

Brandon jr.

2008                 2012 

 Quinn 2010                                     2012

They are growing up on me to fast!! 

Does anyone else wish there kids could stay little forever?

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  1. Hello,
    You're not the only who wants them to stay little.My daughter is 26 yrs old and she's my only child so she's always going to be my baby.She hates it when I say that!Lol! I have 2 neices ages 8 and 4 yrs old.I watch the 4 yr old 2-3 days a wk and I've watched her since she was 5 months old so I've bonded with her.I'm close to my other neice but not like I am with her sister.I told her I want to keep her little and how she's always going to be my baby.My sister said she's been wanting to be a baby at home and I'm like oops that's my doing.Lol!
    Your kids are beautful and they're still young so enjoy them.I don't know where 26 yrs went.
    Thanks for all the cool giveaways! Have A Great Day!!