Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kids haircuts!


Love them or hate them?

My oldest is now 4 years old and right now loves going to get his haircut.....  But that was not always the case.  When he was younger he hated it!  He would cry before, cry during, and sometimes cry after it!!  Taking him for a haircut was so stressful!  After a few trips like this I decided something had to change....  There had to be a way for me to get him not to be so scared.  After a few trial and errors attempts we finally found a way to make a haircut a happy occasion!   Here are a few things that worked for us:

1)I started taking him with me to get my haircut, I think letting him watch me get my hair done eased his stress.  I also ask my hair dresser to start cutting his hair too.  He seemed to like her.  This did ease some of his stress.  And as of right now I take both my sons and we all get our haircut the same day.   
2) My son would get himself so worked up over getting his haircut that he was upset before we even left the house..... 
 Make this time fun time!  I started taking before photos of my son so that afterwards we could take after photos and compare them!  He loved this idea so much that he forgot he was upset.  Here is our latest set of before and after photos.

Before photos:

 After Photos

It really does give my son something to look forward to and gets his mind off the fact that he is upset about his haircut.

3)  And I am not above bribing, after a good haircut I let me sons pick a reward from our prize box.  Our prize boxes are filled with stickers, tattoos, and much more.  The prize box also comes in handy during potty training.  Last time we got our hair done my son picked this tattoo as his prize :)

For anyone else that struggles with haircuts I hope some of these things help :).  If not my best advice is find something that works for you.  Like I said I tried many things before I found a few that worked. 


  1. We're in this situation right now; Bubbles' hair grows so fast that her bangs get into her eyes pretty quickly. So I took her for her first trim a few months ago (she was a little over a year). I think the awe of something new kept her entertained, but the polish is off the apple. I had to take her for a second trim last week and as soon as the girl tried to put the cape over us (she sits on my lap), Bubbles held out her hand and said "No!" Every time the girl would get her hair gathered and ready to snip, she'd turn her head and reiterate "No!". I might need a prize box soon!

  2. Some of the salons in our area have videos for the kids to watch as they are getting their haircut. Great distraction. I have also had to have them sit on my lap before.

  3. The salons near our home have a treasure box you can pick out of after getting a haircut. I agree, the bribing does wonders! :)

  4. LoL I am not above bribing either. Gotta do what you gotta do. Adorable kids both before and after haircuts.