My Soda Stream review

Do you want to turn tap water into soda in under 1 minute?
The Soda Stream can.
It is a home soda maker and its as simple as twist, push, and pour!
3 Easy steps!


And you reuse the bottle they give you in your starter kit so that means no more empty bottles, do you realize how many empty bottles that saves?  I just checked the soda stream website and according to their counter as of July 1, 2012 8:53 pm est. a total of 1,798,919,040 bottles were saved!  That is a lot of bottles!!
As an added bonus it doesn't take batteries or electricity!
And as if that wasn't enough, it also doesn't have any high-fructose corn syrup.  So far this is all win, win....

Are you wondering about the taste?  Well to prove how good it was I decided to have a taste testing party!  Everyone loved the taste and the thing is, Soda Stream offers so many flavors there was something for everyone.  I will post photos from the party of my non-camera shy family members and I will post each of their favorite flavors.

 To the left is my mother in law Sue, her favorite flavor was Orange.  To the right is my brother Matt, his favorite flavor was root beer.

To the left is my grandfather Paul, his favorite flavor was Ginger Ale.  To the right is my grandmother Edna, her favorite flavor was diet cola.

To the left is my brother in law Jerry, his favorite flavor was orange.  To the right is my sister in Law Stacy, her favorite flavor was Cola.

To the left is my father in law Ricky, his favorite flavor was root beer.  To bottom right is my brother Luke, his favorite flavor was orange .

To the bottom left is my aunt Roxanne, her favorite flavor was lemon Lime.  To bottom  right is my mom her favorite was  Black currant & pear w                  And my dad as in the bottom photo his favorite was Orange.
Last but not least was me and my hubby.  My hubby loved the energy drink and my favorite was between orange and cola.  I also loved the flavored waters.

My younger sister was also at the party.  She would not let me take her photo, but said her favorite flavor was lemon lime sparkling water.

Afterwards I asked everyone what they thought.  My grandfather couldn't believe how fresh and bubbly it was.  He was amazed by the flavor and even said, "That is how soda should taste!"  My pap is one tough cookie to impress!
I think we were all impressed by the fizz!  
By the way you can control this.  If you want normal fizz buzz 3X, if you like it a bit more fizzy buzz 6X. 

Everyone at the party enjoyed the soda.  As you can see everyone had a different favorite flavor.  Still wondering why the Soda stream is a smart choice?
No more lugging soda bottles from the store.
No more storing multiple soda bottles.
No more empty bottles.
This is a smarter way to enjoy soda!

Want to learn more about soda stream?
Here is their website:

Disclaimer:  I received this product to review.  All opinions are my own.