New blog feature and annoucements!

New Blog Feature 


I took this :)  Its a leaf by the way.
This photo was to get your attention for another announcement!  Tonight well 12:01am so I guess tomorrow.... I have a giveaway starting on my blog that will be part of a hop.  My giveaway is going to be a $100 giftcard for some place that has really nice things :)!!!  So be sure to check back here tomorrow.  Also on Aug. 1st I have another hop that I'm taking part in and I will have another item that is a def. must have!  So stay tuned the next couple of days so you don't miss these!!!

And please keep sharing the wont you be my friend tab.  I'm not sure if you seen my post the other day, but 2 of the pups were adopted!!!  So keep sharing, we are making a difference :) 

~*~*Oh and the photos from this post I took myself :)!  Every once and awhile I convince myself I'm a photographer.  So you will see my photos pop up in blog posts!  Just be happy that my horrible poetry is not making appearance!!!!