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Julie's Love By Gerald E. Greene

Gerald E. Greene biography: Married with 3 grandchildren. Worked as a Software Engineer for 40+ years, but has fallen in love with writing. He owns a huge personal library and teaches a Bible class at his church :)
Back Cover:  
Julie makes the worst mistake of her life, as a young attorney, when she accepts a new job and moves from New York to Chicago. She then loses contact with the man she loves, and cannot live without him.

Zack regrets not following her to Chicago, and is devoted to her memory while he attempts to find her.

Their lives are full of action, twists and turns as they build their respective careers while trying to find each other again.

My review:  

      Julie's Love was written a bit different then what I'm use to when reading, because of the fact that Julie and Zack are separated for the entire book.  The book focused on a lost love,  which was interesting. I liked seeing this twist in a book.  We always read about the love story, well what about a relationship after it was over.  That is the view we got in Julie's Love.
      I'm not sure if I would label this a romance book, seeing as Julie and Zack were not together during the story.  
You get to see a really in depth look at both Julie's job as a attorney and Zack's job as an auditor, so I think the book reads more like a biography than a novel at times.   Julie and Zack come to realize they still want the relationship they once had and seek one another out.  They are always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, no matter how hard they try they seem to just miss the other one.
       A lot of the book focused on the pursuit of their careers and the things they endure while working at times I felt as if the book focused more on their careers then it did their love story.  This was important because Julie and Zack slowly started to see their careers weren't as important as they thought at one point.  And since it was their careers that pulled them apart it was important for them to realize there is more to life then work.  
The story jumps back and forth between Julie and Zack, I found my self enjoying Zack pursuits more so then Julie's.
       If you are looking for a book with romance scenes this really is not for you.  There is no love scenes and beside for a moment or two Julie and Zack do not even see each other.  I would suggest this book to someone who is interested in reading about the life of 2 separate individuals, who are getting through every day life and how they over come things like work, death in the family, ect. and as they yearn for each other during.
My thoughts:         
I liked the book and thought it was refreshing to see love looked at from a completely different angle.  At times with the hit and miss of the 2 main characters it felt a lot like a suspense.  I found myself really cheering for them and hopeing they would finally make contact!  I won't lie I even yelled at my laptop I would get frustrated when they would yet again miss each other!  A good frustrated though, it just proved I was into the story :)

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Disclaimer: I received this book for the purpose of reviewing all opions are my own.  I was not paid in any way to write this review.