Summer reads giveaway hop!

I'm super excited to be taking part of the Summer Reads giveaway hop!
I'm going to try something new!  I'm going to giveaway my first YA book so that I can have my giveaway open to all ages!  I thought long and hard about which book makes me think of summer.  
So in the end I choose:

 'Born at Midnight' by C. C. Hunter.

 My semi review:
This is the first book in the series.  It follows the life of Kylie Galen as her world is turned upside down.  Between getting in trouble with the cops, having her mom send her to a camp for troubled teens, and having to choose between two boys she doesn't know what to do....  Add to that her camp roommates are a witch and a vampire.  Not to mention she sees ghosts!  Yes Kylie Galen's world has definitely been turned upside down!
I really enjoyed this book I liked seeing Kylie grow as a person and discover new things about herself.  It has a really good story line and the mystery of the ghost keeps you intrigued through out the entire book.  
I have a bad habit out giving things away (spoilers) when I write a long of a review.  So I will keep this short and sweet, so that I don't ruin the book for anyone!
Kylie is not your average teenager, she has to choose between 2 guys and at the same time has to deal with all sorts of paranormal activity and family issues.   

Now time for the giveaway information
I am giving away a print copy of this book.  It is opened to US only since I have to ship it myself.  It is on rafflecopter and I do check to make sure the winner has a legit entry, so make sure you do something before you click enter... Please?!?!

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