Super Special Won't you be my Friend post!!!

Super special Won't you be my friend post!!

and a call for help!

 Some of the pups were adopted!!!


Charlie and Darcy both were adopted!!!

I'm so happy these 2 pups found homes!  I wrote to Hill Side to check up on them, because they were no longer on the adoption website and I was so excited when they wrote back and told me they were adopted!!!  I'm not sure if my post helped at all, but it is still so exciting to know that 2 pups I posted about found homes :) 

A call for help!

Also when Hillside wrote me back they told me that recently a cruelty case was received and brought in 15 dogs!!  15 dogs that  can't be adopted  until the case is over.....  With 15 new dogs they have become over crowded and really could use some help right now with adoptions! 
 I was asked to express that right now they really need adoptions!  So this is my call for help.  Please share my Won't you be my friend tab

Or share this post I will post all hillsides information here:
Here is a link to the Hillside webpage:
you can also contact them by phone:  (570)622-7769
Or you can even visit them their hours are:  11am to 3pm everyday including Saturday and Sunday.
Hillside does adopt to people anywhere, not just in Schuylkill County.

~*~*~*Two of the pups I posted about found homes, but many more still need help.  Lets get the word out.~*~*~*