Vacation all I ever wanted!

How is everyone's summer so far?
I want to share some of my summer vacations with you guys.  
 Our first vacation was to the Ocean City, MD.  My kids had so much fun I hope we are able to do it every year.  We got up at 6 am every day because my oldest Brandon Jr insisted we had to collect sea shells first thing in the morning.

 This is Brandon Jr and I in our hotel room.  I love his smile in this photo!  Needless to say we did not spend very much time in the room. 
  Brandon Jr. and Quinn playing on the large sand truck.  I love Quinn's face in this photo!

Our next Vacation was to an amusement park!
 Quinn and I on the carousel!  This was the first year he could go on the rides!
 Brandon Jr. on the carousel.
 I'm starting to think this is his signature smile :D!!!!
 They loved ringing the bell on this boat.  They rode this ride at least 5 times!!
 We had a wagon full!! Luckily I did not have to pull.
It took me 5 times to get this shot...  I can never time it right when taking a moving ride photo.

Oh and I don't have a photo of this but the other day I took the boys to see BRAVE!  It was Quinn's first movie theater movie!!  And he was so good....  Well beside when he decided he was a bear and started growling and slashing lol :)

What have you done so far this summer?