Won't you be my friend? Blog the change for animals.


Today's post is going to be part of a very special event, Blog the change for animals.
An event where bloggers have linked together to raise awareness for shelter dogs!
Bloggers will be posting about.
Adopting a companion: 
Donating to a local dog shelter
Fostering a dog
Volunteering at a local shelter.
Any and all these things can really help a dog in need.
As for my blog I will be having a very special 'Won't you be my friend?' post! 
 Won't you be my Friend?

This is for you Rocky, I love you and miss you! 

Remember a dog is a life time responsibility.  They need love and care.  Adopting or deciding to be a pet owner is not a decision you should make lightly.  But if you are ready for a pet and ready to take that step in making a life long friend who will always love you even if your having a really bad hair day or if you clothes don't match, a friend who will get excited just because you are home even if you only been gone for 5 minutes, a friend who will sleep at your feet at night and not care if you snore,  a friend who will eat your burnt dinner and act as if it taste amazing, a friend who will love you just because your you....  If you are ready for that friend Then please consider adopting.  



Boxer Mix Adoptable dog in Pottsville, PA.

      Bonnie is a older boxer mix girl looking for a good home.She went to the shelter with her pal scooby when there owner lost there home.Bonnie is spayed and she is good with other dogs,kids , and cats to.       


Labrador Retriever Mix Adoptable dog in Pottsville, PA 

      Darcy is a sweet lab mix girl looking for a great home.She does get along with other dogs and loves to play and go for walks.She went to the shelter as a stray. Darcy is spayed .      

Jeff and Mutt

greyhound mixes. Adoptable at Pottsville PA. 
They are brothers who came in as strays...  and must leave that way, together that is.  The boys follow each other everywhere and the two are inseparable.  Both have been neutered.  And are ready to go home.

All of these dogs can be found at my local SPCA, Hillside.  They have many more dogs which can all be found on their website.
You can also contact them by phone (570)622-7769
Or even go in and see them, their hours are 11 am until 3 pm everyday even Saturday and Sunday.
They adopt everywhere you do not have to be local to adopt from Hillside!
These are just a few of the dogs at this shelter, the other day I posted about Bella who is also there.  Read the link below the photo.


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