Won't you be my friend?

Won't you be my Friend? 

Tonight adoptable pets.

~ Always for you Rocky, I love you! ~

This was my shelter dog.  Won't you be my friend is dedicated to his memory


Remember a dog is a life time responsibility.  They need love and care.  Adopting or deciding to be a pet owner is not a decision you should make lightly.  But if you are ready for a pet and ready to take that step in making a life long friend who will always love you even if your having a really bad hair day or if you clothes don't match, a friend who will get excited just because you are home even if you only been gone for 5 minutes, a friend who will sleep at your feet at night and not care if you snore,  a friend who will eat your burnt dinner and act as if it taste amazing, a friend who will love you just because your you....  If you are ready for that friend Then please consider adopting.  

**I will be posting 2 shelter dogs tonight.
Today's first pup is special because he needs some help.   Buster Brown was rescued from a neglectful home and right now he is in need of a surgery.  I'm not sure of all the things wrong with Buster Brown, but for sure the website says he has 2 broken legs and needs surgery to fix him up :(  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/23593162
Right now they are taking donations to help save him.
 Buster Brown
Pit mix puppy.  Located in Pottsville PA.  He was rescued from a very neglectful home.  Buster Brown right now needs donations for surgery.  Donations can be made to the Hillside SPCA website http://www.hillsidespca.com/ 

Hopefully this pup can get fixed up and find a loving home.  Lets not let his only memories of home be bad ones. 

Collie Mix:
Adoptable in  Pottsville, PA
He is sweet and young.  Charlie needs a new home, his last owner became pregnant and was moving and did not have room in her new busy life for Charlie.  Charlie has been neutered and is ready for a new home.

Both of tonight's pups can be found at my local shelter Hillside SPCA.  I will post their info here:
Here is a link to the Hillside webpage: http://www.hillsidespca.com/ 
you can also contact them by phone:  (570)622-7769
Or you can even visit them their hours are:  11am to 3pm everyday including Saturday and Sunday.

Hillside adopts to people anywhere, you do not have to be local to my area to adopt.

If you are looking to adopt please consider these pups.  Buster Brown and Charlie deserve a happy ever after too!


I will put both pups in the Won't you be my friend tab?  So that you can always find them.  Check the tab to see prior week shelter dogs.