Back to School Extravaganza

Back to School Extravaganza

Yep you read right today starts the Back to School Extravaganza!  Wondering what that is?  

Several days of back to school related post.  

From check lists for parents, great back to school item for kids, and some giveaways! 

Lets start today off with some photos of my sons first back to school shopping trip!

This year my oldest starts preschool!  Super excited and kinda upset at the same time.  As a parent I finally understand why my mom was so emotional when I started kindergarten, its the first step of growing up!  My son can't wait to meet all the new kids at school, meet his teacher, learn his alphabet, how to spell and add!  But all I can think about is how I'm going to be losing him for several hours a day a few days a week :(! 
     As a way for me to cope I made a huge day of his back to school shopping.  We shopped, got dinner, talked about all the cool things about school and just spent time together.  I feel so much better now and I'm so happy to see my son excited to start this part of his life.  I think spending this day with him also helped him because he had lots of questions!!  More then I realized.
        Some questions he asked were how to make the other kids like him, what does he do to go bathroom, if he has a question what does he do, will his teacher let him lay down if he doesn't feel good and so much more.  I took for granted that I know your suppose to raise your hand for a question, that their is a bathroom pass, that school have nurses when you don't feel good, ect...  So having dinner with my son proved to be beneficial to both of us.

Tips for an easier back to school shopping trip:

~ Set some time aside during the day for a break.  We did dinner and we went to Barnes and nobles to look at books.  Going school shopping should not be stressful it should be a time for you and your child to bond and get ready for the upcoming school year. 

~ For the clothing back to school shopping I think it is important to make a hit list.  Some examples: my son has lots of jeans so I knew he only need 2 new pairs, he has boots so he only needed sneakers.  Here was our clothing shopping list:
2 pairs of jeans
4 sweatshirts
3 short sleeve shirts
2 polo shirts
6 long sleeve shirts
2 zip up hoodies
3 sweatpants
We also need gloves for winter time, but I figured they wouldn't be available yet. 

You will most likely get more then you have on your list.  Which is fine the list is just to make sure you get what you NEED.

~ Another thing was I gave my son choices I would pick 3 shirts and tell him to choose his favorite.  This way he feels involved and also he wardrobe will represent his personality.  I gave choices though, because if left to his own devices he would have been wearing PJ's and fuzzy socks to school everyday!  

~ Try everything on!  If you try it on in the store it will save you the trip of returning it if it does not fit!  Holding it up to your child and trying to judge with your eye is not really a reliable solution ;)  trust me I tried this in the past!!!
  Remember for jackets and coats that they will have layers underneath so make sure they have a little extra room when they try it on.  For shoes my son was wearing sandals because its summer.  So I took a pair of socks in my purse for trying on sneakers.

~  My last tip is have fun :)!  Yes school shopping can be a very long day, but its shopping!  Who doesn't enjoy a day of shopping??  
I will post some fun photos of our shopping trip :)  lets just say he got his shopping habits from ME!  After 3 hours of shopping his dad (my hubby.)  was getting ready to ditch us and go eat dinner alone :)!!!

I hope this post helped and if not I hope you at least enjoyed the cute photos of my son :)!