Back To School Prep

This is part of my Back to School Extravaganza!

This is one of the shirts my son got when we went back to school shopping!


For this post I'm just going to list a few things to help get you ready for back to school :)  Everyone's check list is different depending on what grade your child/children are entering.  

Things to remember:
1. Get your child on a routine. 
 Start going to bed early and when you get up each morning do the things you plan on doing before school.  Ours is 8 PM bedtime, we get up early, right away into the bath, next we eat breakfast, brush our teeth, and finally get dressed.  I think this is important, that way when school starts your not hassling to do all these things.  By the first day of school it should be routine :)   First day you also may want to give yourself 15 extra minutes.... plan for disaster :)

2. I think you should stock up on things for breakfast and things to pack for lunch/snack.  
The first week back to school is a big enough duty without having to worry about having these things.  If you set a day aside and stock up you will be good to go.  If you want to make it fun let your child go with you to pick out a few things.
3.  Another thing I think all parents with small kids should do is go over bus and pick up rules.  
Make sure you child understands where they should get off the bus.  That way they don't get off at the wrong stop.  I know you think this don't happen, but sadly it does sometimes they make a friend and think they can get off the bus at their stop :(  Explain to them its not okay that they must only get off at home or school.  If you plan on taking your child to school make sure they know where you are picking them up.  Plan all this ahead of time, don't have your child waiting around to be picked up.  If there are days you are unable to pick them up make sure they know who is getting them!  Even if you have to tell them 100 times make sure they know who will be there for them.
4.  If your school permits take them in to see the school. 
 I think it gets them excited plus you get to see where your child is going to be several hours a day for 5 days a week :)
5.   Check list are nice to have. 
 Write down all the small things you have to do.  Even if your hubby teases you ;) 
Here is mine: 
- Call Miss Kathy about coming to see school
- Make sure we have everything we need: clothes and supplies
- Talk to Brandon about only me picking him up- Sharpen Brandon's Pencils make sure everything else is ready
- Stock up on snacks and b' food
- Back to school haircut 
- Get tissues for his book bag
- Charge camera for first day school photo
- Get book bag ready- Get gas in car to take to school
- Night before iron clothes and make sure outfit is ready
- Bight before get lunch/snack stuff ready 
- Make sure alarm is set
- Make another check list :)  this one is just for the things you need to remember to grab in the morning:  book bag, lunch box/money, snack, jacket,  and camera.

(Yes my hubby teases me, because I have a check list that says make a check list :)!!  I tried to explain to him it keeps me organized.)

6.  Last thing you should do is have a good bye to summer day.
  I plan on taking my son to Chuck E. Cheese.  Also on this day I plan on starting a journal with my son.  One I will write in every year before school starts.  Some things I want to ask him are:
What are you most excited about this year.
Are you nervous about anything.
Are you happy you got ______  for a teacher?
What do you want to be when you get older?
There is a few more things I want to add to that list.  I want to put his photo in every year and I also want him to sign his name.  I think this will be nice to check every year and see how much he changed.

I hope this post helped anyone getting ready for back to school.  If you need clothing shopping tips check Sunday's post.  Yesterday I had a great review for back to school clothing and tomorrow I have a giveaway for $50 to get some Back to School Clothing so be sure to check back!!
Continue to check in for the next 2 weeks for giveaways and posts like this.  This is my Back To School Extravaganza!