Coming Soon

Cooler weather!

As many of you may know cooler weather is a sign for so many thing....
Football Season
Back to School
Holiday Season is coming up

Cooler weather for also signifies when all my favorite goodie companies can start shipping again!!  Summers heat makes it impossible to ship all my favorite treats, so every summer I find myself longing for fall.

This fall I'm extra excited since I came across a new company who's treats I can't wait to try!

A Brownie Affair

I was so excited when I found their website and found myself wishing for fall!  I will post a few photos so you can see why I'm so excited.

 I bet now you can understand why I'm so excited for cooler days!  They offer over 20 different flavor so there is something for everyone!!
As soon as it cool enough to ship I'm going to get the chance to try A Brownie Affair's treats and I will be posting a review!
Want go and check out their website now?  I will leave the link below.
A Brownie Affair