Miss Delaney Shop Review

Miss Delaney Shop 

This is the first review for my Back to School Extravaganza!! 

   Remember the cool kid in school with all the unique shirts?  You know, the one you were jealous over?  Well I remember him!! ;)

  I found a super cute shop that has unique and fun clothing!  Making it possible for your kid to be that cool kid!!

If you are looking for a one of a kind super fun back to school item to add to your child's wardrobe make sure to check out Miss Delaney's shop

I was given the chance to review Miss Delaney's embroidered graphic tees.
She has a large selection of sizes and colors.   Check chart here:

 She also has a large selection of graphics for you to choose from.
  You can personalize your tee making them truly one of kind :)!!

Brandon and Quinn were super excited to wear their shirts!  They couldn't wait to show them off.
  Brandon my oldest got Chuck the cheerful viking and Quinn got the Baby dragon, when anyone asks about their shirts my oldest makes sure to inform them "Don't worry the dragon and the Viking are friends!"
    I already had to wash the shirts twice, because they wanted to keep wearing them!  The fact that their names are on the front makes it even more fun!  

    My oldest can't wait to wear his Viking shirt to school.  He keeps telling me he is going to tell the other kids that the Vikings name is Brandon Jr. too!  The fact that he is loves it makes me love it :) 

Miss Delaney's shop also carries Leggins and leg warmers for kids.
For more information please visit her shop:

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of reviewing.  I was not paid in anyway for this review, all opinions are my own.