Saturday, August 18, 2012

My friend is having a giveaway!

CSL Framing Giveaway.

A friend of mine has a beautiful etsy shop.  And right now she is  having a giveaway for the chance to win a 4X6 frame from her shop!  I already entered to win, but I wanted to pass this information on to you so that you could enter!
Here is the link to the giveaway:

You don't want to miss this one!
Candles not included :)
Her shop has so many other unique and beautiful things!  If you want to check them out here is the link

Good luck to anyone who enters :)!!



  1. She has some cute things and I entered her giveaway.I added her on my favorites! Tell her I love the Key Ring Holder! Soooooo Cool! :)

    1. Will do Sue :)!! Her shop really is amazing I'm going to pass along your compliment :)
      Thank you :)