New Book release

Howl For It

As I'm sure some of you know Cynthia Eden and Shelly Laurenston are my favorite paranormal romance authors :)!  They introduced me to the paranormal genre with "When he was Bad"  Anthologies.
 I loved it and have been reading Paranormal ever since, but through all the amazing authors I've read Shelly Laurenston/G.a. Aiken and Cynthia Eden have remained my favorite paranormal authors.

So you can imagen how excited I was yesterday when they Release another book together!!

Howl for it :)  I finished the book last night staying up to 3 am because I was unable to put it down! I even got snippy with my hubby when he asked for dinner!  Don't the man know that my 2 favorite authors had a release on the same day in the same book LOL!!! I LOVED IT by the way if you didn't figure that out by my 3am bed time ;)!! 

 In a few days I will write a full review but right now I just wanted to let everyone know about the release of this book and to let you know its a must read paranormal book!!