Road Kill T-Shirts Review

Part of the Back to School Extravaganza

Road Kill T Shirts 

 "funny t shirts"

Most of my back to school reviews have been directed at small kids.  So today I decided to review a site that has funny t shirts that would be perfect for teenagers or adults :)  
 Some of the shirts quotes I really liked from their website were:
"I'm a stay at home son."
:)  I really think I may get that for my son!
Another one I liked,
"I'm not stubborn my way is just better."  
This so fits my son!
             At the Road Kill T shirt website they have many shirts like this!!  Some are appropriate for kids others for adults.  All of them are funny and guaranteed to get laughs.
Their site also offers  American Apparel t-shirts and bottle cap opener t-shirts.

I was sent a shirt in trade for an honest review.  I got a shirt for my hubby and he couldn't stop laughing when he seen it.
To be honest I don't get it!  It says:
"I had friends on that death star."  My hubby on the other hand thinks its great and insisted I wasn't reading it right!  His friends also found it funny so maybe I was reading it wrong :)!

I do like many of their shirts even though I'm not big on wearing funny t-shirts they will make great gifts.  For people like my hubby who's entire wardrobe has something written on it and my brother too.  I know what they are both getting for Christmas this year :)

Right now Road Kill is offering a giveaway on their facebook page to win a t shirt of you own so go check them out!

Also if you want more information or want to buy your own Funny Road Kill T Shirt check out their website.

Disclaimer:  I received this shirt in trade for a review.  I was not paid in anyway to write my review all opinions are my own.