Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Review

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Review

Real. Honest. Popcorn!

Looking for a guilt free snack?  Then You definitely want to try Rocky Mountain Popcorn!  Not only is it hot-aired pop (which means less fat and sodium), but it is also a whole grain, high in antioxidants,  has more iron in it than spinach or eggs and Rocky Mountain Popcorn is also Gluten and nut free!

Like I always say: That all sounds good.... But how does it taste?
After trying Rocky Mountain Popcorn I can safely say I finally know how Popcorn should taste!  Every bite was crisp and delicious and no over power coating!  The bags were just right for snacking and good to the last bite!  And to top it off there is several different flavor choices, something for everyone!
My family was sent 6 flavors to try:
    White Cheddar
    White Cheddar Jalapeno
    Cinnamon Sugar
A few things I liked right away was their size!  These were so nice for traveling!  I also liked the flavor choices like I said before something for everyone!

(This photo is suppose to be of my son and the fact he had his popcorn in the car!  My son has had enough of me always taking photos and now carries his own "Toy Story" camera so when I get out my camera he gets out his!!!!!)
As you can see to the side of my son these bags were great for taking on the go.  That was my sons favorite flavor by the way, Butter.  My hubby and youngest son's favorite was the Caramel.....  And my favorite :)  Lets just say I have a new love and its name is Cinnamon Sugar!!

 I LOVED THIS!!!  I have never before tasted anything like this and still can not get over how amazing it was!  I pretty much ate both of these bags by myself!  And I already told my hubby to add this to my Christmas list every year.

So the next time you are in the mood for a guilt free snack try Rocky Mountain Popcorn!

For more information see the links below:
Website  you can also order from here.

Or if you have questions about my experience feel free to ask :)

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway all opinions are my own.