Skeeter Snacks review

This review is part of my Back to School Extravaganza!

Recently I was giving the opportunity to review Skeeter Snacks cookies.  As with all my reviews I first want to tell you a bit about the product and company.

 Skeeter Snacks make a great snack for everyone!  These are a great after school, great for school lunches, or just great for a snack in general.  So I guess you are wondering what sets them apart from other snacks?

Skeeter Snacks are totally nut free!  So many parents now of days have children with nut allergies and Skeeter Snacks offers them a safe alternative.  Not only are their snacks nut free, but their entire facility is nut free!  
   My nephew has a nut allergies and I know my sister in law struggles so much with finding him snacks!  Even snacks that are nut free still have warning labels that say they were made in the same area as nut products.   Shopping has become a constant struggle for her trying to find my little nephew snacks.  As I know it is with most parents who's children have this same problem.  So you can imagine how super excited I was to find this company for my nephew!  I couldn't wait to introduce her to this Skeeter Snacks and also to tell other great parents like you :).  

     The truth is you should be able to buy nut free snacks that taste great, and are affordable.  And with Skeeter Snacks you get that!

My review!

I got to review 3 flavors. 
Golden oatmeal
Chocolate Chunk

My family loved each of them!  No way would I ever be able to tell that they are nut free!  They taste delicious and better yet they are super affordable! 

 My little Quinn loved the Skeeterdoodle!  If he tasted a difference I sure didn't notice!  He didn't even want me to take a bite so I can see how they tasted!  I did sneak a bite and I thought they were delicious!! 

 Brandon Jr loved the Chocolate chunk best.  Again he didn't notice a difference and when I tried a bite I thought they were again so yummy!  Both my kids couldn't wait for dinner to be over so they could try these :)  and Skeeter did not disappoint :)  My son even asked the next day if he could have another Squirrel cookie!

My hubby tried the Golden Oatmeal and didn't give me the chance to taste them!!  He thought the whole pack was for him!!  He did say they were really good and asked if they sell them at our local store :)  When I told him they were nut free he couldn't wait to call his sister since its her son with the nut allergies.

No one in my family suffers from a nut allergies so these are great even for people without nut allergies!  I know my hubby is already planning on ordering some for my sons class since we have to provide snack for certain days.  I gave him how many I thought we should order and he told me to add extra so we can have some for the house!  So these are a great snack all around nut allergies or not!!  :)

So as for my review, Skeeter Snacks gets a thumbs up.
Great taste,
great price,
and offering children with nut allergies a safe snack! 

They can now be bought at your local Costco in the Northeastern part of the USA.

So if you are looking for a great back to school snack or even just a great snack for at home check them out here:

Disclaimer:  I was proved this product in return for an honest review.  I was not paid in any way to write this review.  All opinions are my own.